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Lynch School of Education

Educational Policy Council

lynch school of education

Charter Procedures
The Education Policy Council is the official vehicle whereby the faculty provide the assistance and consultation to the Dean on planning, developing, coordinating and supervising curricula and programs.

Curricular issues concerning the Lynch School will be studied by ad hoc committees appointed by the EPC on an as needed basis. These committees shall consider policy issues within their charge and report their recommendations to the EPC for action.

The EPC is authorized to appoint ad hoc committees at its discretion. Membership on ad hoc committees is not limited to members of the EPC.

Charter Restriction
Any action of the EPC contravening University policy or statute shall be null and void.

The EPC shall have twelve members: eight faculty, two students, (one undergraduate and one graduate), and, ex officio, the Dean and Associate Dean of Faculty and Academics. All members shall have voting privileges.

Selection of EPC Members, Term of Office, and Officers
Six faculty shall be elected for a two-year term. Two faculty shall be appointed by the Dean for a two-year term. Two students (one graduate and one undergraduate) shall be selected for a one-year term by their respective constituencies. This selection shall be made in the Spring semester, prior to a term of office beginning with the academic year.

The EPC will also elect its Chair for the next academic year at the last meeting of the previous academic year. The Chair will serve for one academic year.

Regular EPC meetings shall be held monthly during the academic year. Special meetings may be convened at the call of the Chair. Both regular and special meetings shall be open to faculty and students of the School of Education, and to the academic officers of the University. Without opposition, such persons may be granted the privilege of the floor.

Seven members of the EPC shall constitute a quorum. Motions are carried by the simple majority.

This charter may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of all full-time faculty. Adequate notice shall be given for any proposed amendment.

By-laws may be appended to, and become part of, this charter by a two-thirds majority vote of all full time faculty.

Effective Date for Charter
This charter shall become effective on the day of adoption by the School/Department of Education faculty. A two-thirds majority vote of all full-time faculty shall be required for adoption.

Education Policy Council Subcommittees
The EPC has two subcommittees. Issues that are brought to the EPC will be assigned to one of the other subcommittees by the Chair. When recessing, ad hoc committees can be created by the EPC to deliberate specific issues.

EPC Subcommittee Procedures

  1. Program faculty meet to discuss changes
  2. Program director/faculty discuss proposed changes, including resources analysis, with the Department Chair.
  3. Program director and/or Chair discuss the nature of proposed changes with Dean or Associate Dean of Faculty and Academics, especially with regard to issues that relate to the central administration including resource analysis
  4. Proposal and letter of support from Department Chair are submitted to EPC curriculum subcommittee with copy to EPC Chair and Dean
  5. Proposal is accepted, rejected or revisions requested by EPC subcommittee
  6. If revisions are requested, revised proposal is discussed by EPC subcommittee
  7. Proposal is discussed by full EPC

What supporting Documentation to submit to EPC Subcommittees when Proposing Course/Curriculum Changes:

  1. Rationale for proposed course/curriculum changes
  2. Outline/discussion of courses added and removed
  3. Syllabi/reading for proposed courses/description of curriculum
  4. Sample sequence for an individual student in a proposed curriculum
  5. Resource analysis and strategy/rationale for resource allocation (e.g. faculty load/number of students/FT-PT faculty/impact on class size/additional resources needed)
  6. Plan for evaluation of the new course and/or revised course/curriculum
  7. Letter of support from Department Chair and Program Director

Recent Motions Passed: 

Undoing Oppression in our Institutional Policies and Practice May 18, 2016
New Requirement in Microcredentials in Educational Technology for LSOE Teacher Candidates May 12, 2016
New Master's (MA) Degree Program in International Higher Ed March 8, 2016
Advancing from Initial Level Licensure to Professional Level Licensure December 1, 2015
Addition of EDUC 7579 to Specialization Requirements November 10, 2015
Vote on Certificate in Human Rights and International Justice May 7, 2015
Early Childhood Leadership Certificate March 31, 2015
Changes in Program of Student for Direct Admit Counseling Psychology Doctoral Students March 31, 2015
Specialization in Data/Assessment Literacy March 31, 2015
Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorder March 2, 2015
Autism Specialization March 2, 2015
Intervention for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Course March 2, 2015
Child & Family Mental Health and Wellness Certificate March 2, 2015
Positive Youth Development (PYD) Certificate March 2, 2015
New graduate course, Positive Youth Development (as part of a certificate on PYD) February 2, 2015
New ERME, 30-credit Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Psychometrics February 2, 2015
New ERME, 18-credit Certificate in Institutional Research: Officer/Analyst February 2, 2015
Changes to Curriculum for MA program in ADEP February 2, 2015
Procedures for Non-Tenure Track Faculty November 25, 2014
New Curriculum and Instruction Course on Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality May 27, 2014
Amended Process for the Review of Courses Offered Three Times May 27, 2014
Graduate Students Taking Undergraduate Courses for Graduate Credit November 25, 2013
Vote on New Course Proposal: Spirituality, Religion, & the College Student Experience October 28, 2013
New Course in Educational Leadership and Higher Education August 1, 2013
Vote on Course ED550 August 1, 2013
New Interdisciplinary Minor Name August 1, 2013
New Course Taught by Education Leadership & Higher Education August 1, 2013
New Course Proposal ED550 August 1, 2013
Leadership in Higher Education & Community Settings Minor August 1, 2013
Policy Regarding Embargoing Dissertations March 27, 2013
CSOM Undergraduates and Inclusive Education Minor March 27, 2013
Changes in Teacher Education Programs of Study February 11, 2013
New Elective Course in Intersectionality in Psychology and Education January 7, 2013
Peer Observation of Teaching October 15, 2012
LSOE Student Credit Reduction October 15, 2012
June 1st Deadline for Letter of Intent for Promotion Application October 15, 2012
Bachelor of Science Degree in LSOE February 28, 2012
Revisions of Masters in Science Teaching in Secondary Mathematics Education
December 13, 2011
Discussion of Citizenship in LSOE December 7, 2011
CAGS vs. CAES December 7, 2011
Proposal for Change of Titles for Curriculum & Instruction Doctoral Program Specializations October 28, 2011
Revision to the counseling psychology doctoral assessment course May 27, 2011
Cross-list a new course on religion and public education for spring 2012  May 27,2011
Lynch Leadership Academy Proposal May 5, 2011
Changes in the timeline in dissertation submission March 31, 2011
Change of Course Prefix from Py440 to ED443 for Higher Ed Section

January 3, 2011
Proposed Changes to Undergraduate Human Development Major January 3, 2011
Phase out the Foreign Language Major in Spanish and French January 3, 2011
Request for New Course Number for C&I Doctoral Comps November 19, 2010
Lynch School Policy Statement for Readmission of Doctoral Students October 27, 2010

Full-time LSOE Non-Tenure Track (NTT) faculty statement

October 27, 2010
Working definitions concerning LSOE Non-Tenure Track (NTT) slots September 10, 2010
New doctoral course, PY919 May 10, 2010
Presentation of pilot semester of FYPDS May 10, 2010
Review ED973 after three offerings May 10, 2010
Change Titles of 3 Courses in Educational Administration February 26, 2010
Change Degree Program Titles in Educational Administration Masters/CAES February 26, 2010
Proposal to Drop Course ED 755 February 26, 2010
New Course on Trauma: Cross-Cultural and Social Justice Perspectives February 26, 2010
Revisions to the Early Admit Program in Mental Health and School Counseling January 27, 2010
Proposal for Ed Admin Program Faculty Changes October 16, 2009
New Course in Higher Education for Spring Semester 2010 October 16, 2009
Proposal on Faculty Peer Observation of Teaching October 16, 2009
Course Review: Integrative Seminar for Catholic Educational Leadership May 29, 2009
Amended Proposed Inclusive Education Minor May 29, 2009
Changes to M.Ed. or C.A.E.S. in Reading/Literacy Education April 23, 2009
Counseling – Modifications to Proposal on 30-Hour M.A. degree in "Counseling" April 3, 2009
New Number for CDEP Course: Developmental Disabilities April 3, 2009
New Course - Bilingualism in Schools and Communities December 18, 2008
New Summer Course - Topics in Catholic Education December 18, 2008
New Course - Contemporary Issues in Curriculum and Instruction October 7, 2008
New Course - Multilevel Regression Modeling October 7, 2008
Inclusive Education Minor April 17, 2008
Guidelines for Mathematical Preparation of Elementary Teachers February 20, 2008
Visitor Policy for Proposal Hearings January 23, 2008
New Course – History of Psychology January 23, 2008
Graduate School Policies for International Students January 4, 2008
Doctoral Research Core November 20, 2007
Grading Policy on Incomplete Grades May 22, 2007
Concentration in Catholic University Leadership added to MA in Higher Education Administration May 22, 2007
New MA program in Educational Administration and Catholic School Leadership May 22, 2007
Revisions of Grievance Policy and Procedures May 22, 2007
ED 973 Doctoral Research Seminar in K-16 Administration June 12, 2006
New Course: Supervision in Action May 15, 2006
Move of ED 674 Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving in Grades 4-12 May 15, 2006
Cornerstone and Capstone Courses offered by Higher Education Made a Requirement for Ph.D.
Students in Educational Administration and Higher Education
May 15, 2006
The Role of the Department Chair in the Search Process April 24, 2006
Deadlines for Programs of Studies March 20, 2006
Defining an Active Research Program January 23, 2006
Independent Studies / Readings and Research January 23, 2006


Archived EPC Decisions