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Lynch School of Education

Marina Vasilyeva

associate professor
counseling, developmental, and educational psychology department

headshot of marina vasilyeva


Campion Hall
Room 239D


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Ph.D. University of Chicago


Cognitive development and language learning in the classroom context; the role of teachers and peers in language acquisition and literacy; sources of individual differences in mathematical learning.


Vasilyeva, M., Laski, E., & Shen, C. (2015). Computational fluency and strategy choice predict individual and cross-national differences on complex arithmetic.  Developmental Psychology, 51,(10), 1489-1500. 

Vasilyeva, M., Laski, E., Ermakova, A., Lai, W.F., Jeong, Y., & Hachigian, A. (2015).  Re-examining the language account of cross-national differences in number representations.  Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 129, 12-25.

Ganley, C., Vasilyeva, M., & Dulaney, A. (2014).  Spatial ability mediates the gender difference in middle-school students' science performance.  Child Development, 85(4), 1419-1432.

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Vasilyeva, M., Waterfall, H., Gamez, P., Gomez, L.E., Bowers, E., & Shimpi, M. (2010). Cross-linguistic syntactic priming in bilingual children.  Journal of Child Language37, 1037-1064.

Vasilyeva, M., Casey, B., Dearing, E., & Ganley, C. (2009).  Measurement skills in low-income elementary school students: Exploring the nature of gender differences. Cognition and Instruction, 27, 401-428.

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