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Lynch School of Education

Dennis L. Shirley


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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Web page

Campion Hall
Room 221



Ed.D., Harvard University


International educational change, teachers learning from teachers, philosophy and history of education, mindful teaching and learning.

Selected Recent Grants, Research Honors and Awards

Editor-in-Chief, Journal  of Educational Change

Co-Principal Investigator with Andy Hargreaves of the Northwest Rural Innovation and Student Engagement (RISE) Network, $500,000.

Principal Investigator, The Mindful Teacher, funded by Academic Technology Innovation Grant, $80,000.

Chair, Special Interest Group on Educational Change, American Educational Research Association, 2012-2015.

Keynote Speaker, Annual Conference, Victorian Principals’ Association, Australia, 2013.

Keynote Speaker, International Association for Student Achievement Conference, Singapore, 2013.


Shirley, D., with Fernandez, M.B., Ossa Parra, M., Berger, A., & Borba, G. (2013) “The Fourth Way of Leadership and Change in Latin America:  Prospects for Chile, Brazil, and Colombia,” Pensamiento Educativo, 50(2),

Shirley, D. & Hargreaves, A. (2013) “The International Quest for Educational Excellence:  Understanding Canada’s High Performance,” Education Canada, 52(4), 10-13

Shirley, D., (2013) “Mindful Teaching with Technology:  Steps Towards Harmonization,”in  Malone, H.J. (Ed.), Leading Educational Change:  International Perspectives on System-Wide Reform (New York:  Teachers College Press), 20-24

Shirley, D., & Hargreaves, A. (2012). The global fourth way: The quest for educational excellence. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

Shirley, D., & Hargreaves, A. (2012). The international quest for educational excellence: Understanding Canada’s high performance. Education Canada52(4), 10-13.

Shirley, D., & Lam, K. (2012). Integrating networks in the fourth way of leadership and change: The contributions of the Finland-Alberta partnership. In S. Murgatroyd & J. C. Couture (Eds.), Rethinking school leadership. New York, NY:  futureTHINK.

Shirley, D. (2011). The Fourth Way of technology and change. Journal of Educational Change, 12(2), 187-209.

Shirley, D., & Cox, J. (2011). Corporate funding of public schools in Antebellum Massachusetts: The Waltham exception. The Massachusetts Historical Review, 13, 31-66.

Shirley, D., & Hargreaves, A. (2011). The far side of educational reform. Ottawa, Ontario: Canadian Teachers Federation.

Shirley, D., et al. (2011). Improving lower secondary schools in Norway. Paris, France: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

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