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Lynch School of Education

Heather Rowan-Kenyon

associate professor
educational leadership and higher education department

headshot of heather rowan kenyon

Campion Hall
Room 227


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Ph.D., University of Maryland, Education Policy and Leadership
M.A., Bowling Green State University, College Student Personnel

College access and student success, persistence in college for low-income students.

Editorial Board, Journal of College Student Development, Emerging Scholar Award, American College Personnel Association, 2008


Jones, S.R., Rowan-Kenyon, H.T., Ireland, S. M.*, Niehaus, E.*, & Skendall, K. C.* (2012). The meaning students make as participants in short-term immersion programs.  Journal of College Student Development, 53, 201-220.

Rowan-Kenyon, H.T., Swan, A.*, & Shoffner, M. (2012). Social cognitive factors, support and engagement: Early adolescents’ math interests as precursors to choice of career. Career Development Quarterly, 60, 1-14.

Rowan-Kenyon, H.T., & Niehaus, E.* (2011).  One year later: The influence of short-term study abroad experiences on students.  Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 48,213-228. Submitted June 3, 2010. 

Rowan-Kenyon, Perna, L.W., Swan, A.* (2011).  Restructuring opportunity: The role of school context in shaping high school students’ occupational aspirations. Career Development Quarterly, 59, 330-344. 

Fries-Britt, S., Rowan-Kenyon, H.T., Perna, L.W., Gerald, D., & Milem, J. (2011). Underrepresentation in the academy and the institutional climate for faculty diversity. Journal of the Professoriate, 5(1), 1-34.

Bell, A.D., Rowan-Kenyon, H.T., Perna, L.W.  (2009). College knowledge of 9th and 11th grade students: Variation by school and state context.  Journal of Higher Education, 80, 663-685.

Rowan-Kenyon, H.T., Bell, A., & Perna, L.W. (2008). Contextual influences on parental involvement in college going: Variations by socioeconomic class.  Journal of Higher Education, 79, 564-586.

Rowan-Kenyon, H.T., Soldner, M., & Inkelas, K.K.  (2008).  The contributions of living-learning programs on developing sense of civic engagement in undergraduate students. NASPA Journal, 44, 750-778.

Perna, L. W., Rowan-Kenyon, H.T., Bell, A., Thomas, S.L., & Li, C. (2008). A typology of federal and state programs designed to promote college enrollment. Journal of Higher Education79,243-267.

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Rowan-Kenyon, H.T., (2007).  Predictors of Delayed College Enrollment and the Impact of Socioeconomic Status.  Journal of Higher Education, 78, 188-214.

* Graduate student co-author

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