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Lynch School of Education

Lisa (Leigh) Patel

associate professor, teacher education, special education, curriculum and instruction department

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Website

Campion Hall
Room 115



Ph.D., University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Sociology of education, sociology of literacy practices with youth in and out of schooling, immigration and education, qualitative research methodologies, policy analysis, the cultural construction of adolescence, and critical race theory.


Patel, L. (2014). Anti-colonial research: From territoriality to sustenance. Boulder, CO: Paradigm.

Patel, L. (2013). Youth held at the border: Immigration, education and the politics of inclusion. Teachers College Press: New York, NY.


Patel, L. (2013). In loco emporium: Immigrant youth and educators in the morphing social contract of education.Children & Society, 27(4), 309-320.

Patel, L. (2012). Contact zones, problem zones, and critical consciousness. Pedagogies: An International Journal, 7(4), 333-346.

Stevens, L. P. (2011). Literacy, capital, and education: A view from immigrant youth. Theory into Practice

Stevens, L. P. (2009). Maps to interrupt a pathology: Immigrant populations and education. Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, 6(1-2), 1-14.


Patel, L., & Sanchez Ares, R. (2014). Framing youth resistance: The politics of coming out undocumented. In E. Tuck & K. W. Yang (Eds.), Youth resistance and theories of change. Routledge Press: New York, NY.

Patel, L., & Gurn, A. with Dodd, M., Pai, S-J., Norvilus, V., Yang, E. J., & Sanchez Ares, R. (2013). Re/Imaging existing structures of schooling: Immigrant youth, community partners, and dynamic learning through internships. In K. Jocson (Ed.)Cultural transformations: Youth and pedagogies of possibility.Harvard Educational Press: Cambridge, MA.


Patel, L. (2013). The need to grieve. Racialicious, available:

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