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Lynch School of Education

Joseph O'Keefe, S.J.

Professor, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Director, Center for Ignatian Spirituality.
educational leadership and higher education department

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Curriculum Vitae

Campion Hall
Room 223



Ed.D., M.Ed., Harvard University
S.T.L., M.Div., Weston School of Theology
M.A., Fordham University
B.A., College of the Holy Cross


Urban Catholic schools; international comparative education; ethics in administration; community service learning.

Recent Publications:

O’Keefe, J.M.& O’Connor, M.  (2014).  Religiously affiliated schools in the USA:  The current reality.  In Chapman, C., Waghid, Y., and Reiss, M.  International handbook on learning and leadership in faith based Schools.  Dordrecht:  Springer.

Bauch, P., Cooper, B., & O’Keefe, J.M., (2014).  Summary and Conclusion:  The Innovative Road Ahead. In Bauch, P. (Ed.) (pp. 341-359).  Catholic schools in the public interest: Past, present, and future.  (pp. )Charlotte NC:  Information Age Publishers.

O’Keefe, J.M. & Goldschmidt, E. (2014).  Courageous, comprehensive, and collaborative:  The Renewal of Catholic education in the 21st century.  In Bauch, P. (Ed.) Catholic Schools in the Public Interest: Past, Present, and Future. (pp. 221-244). Charlotte NC:  Information Age Publishers.

O’Keefe, J.M. (2012).  Catholic school leader as agent of change: Opportunities and challenges.  In Robey, P. (Ed.). Scholarly Essays on Catholic School Leadership: Meeting the Mission of Catholic Schools.  (pp. 103-111).  Washington:  National Catholic Educational Association.

O’Keefe, J.M. (2011). Global partnerships in Jesuit higher education.  Catholic education:  A Journal of inquiry and practice 14(3), 334-337.

Curtin, D., Haney, R., & O’Keefe, J.M. (Eds.) (2011).  Design for success II:  Configuring governance models. Washington DC: National Catholic Educational Association.

Select Recent Presentations:

O’Keefe, J.M. (2014). The Political and Religious Contexts of our Educational Ministries.  Keynote address, Education Law Symposium, co-sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association and Saint Catherine College, KY.  July 10, 2014.

O’Keefe, J.M. & O’Connor, M.P. (2014).  Student Spirituality in Catholic High Schools:  Jesuit High Schools and the National Study of Youth and Religion Project.  Invited presentation at the Annual Convention of the National Catholic Educational Association, Pittsburg, PA.  April 23, 2014.

O’Keefe, J.M.  (2014). Trends in Private Catholic Education:  To 2020 and Beyond. Keynote address, Holy Cross Institute, St. Edward’s University, Austin TX.  March 31, 2014

O’Keefe, J.M. (2013).  Catholic School Leaders Facing the Future:  Challenges and Opportunities. Keynote address, National Catholic Educational Association Principals’ Forum.  Tempe AZ November 14, 2013.

O’Keefe, J.M. (2013).  The Context of Jesuit High Schools in the Twenty-teens.  Keynote address, St. Louis University High School.  October 11-12.

O’Keefe, J.M. (2013). Opening the Parameters: What We Can Learn from Interfaith and International Perspectives. Invited address.  The Impact of Catholic Education in America: Past, Present, and Future.  University of Portland OR.  June 20-22, 2013.

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