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Lynch School of Education

Larry Ludlow

professor and department chair
educational research, measurement, and evaluation department

Larry Ludlow


Campion Hall
Room 336C


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

ERME Department



Ph.D., University of Chicago


Psychometrics; applied statistics; student ratings of instruction; teacher attrition models.


Ludlow LH, & Klein, K (2014). Suppressor variables: The difference between “is” versus “acting as”. Journal of Statistics Education, 22(2), 1-28.

Cochran-Smith M, Ell F, Grudnoff L, Ludlow LH, Haigh M, & Hill M. (2014). When complexity theory meets critical realism: A platform for research on initial teacher education. Teacher Education Quarterly, 41(1), 105-122.

Cochran-Smith M, Ell F, Ludlow LH, Grudnoff L, & Aitken G (2014). The challenge and promise of complexity theory for teacher education research. Teachers College Record, 116(5), 1-38.

Nezhnov P, Kardonova E, Vasilyeva M & Ludlow LH. (2014). Operationalizing level of academic mastery based on Vygotsky’s theory: The study of mathematical knowledge. Educational and Psychological Measurement,            

Ludlow LH, Matz-Costa C, Johnson C, Brown M, Besen E, & James JB (2014). Measuring engagement in later life activities: Rasch-based scenario scales for work, caregiving, informal helping, and volunteering. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development. 47(2), 127-149.

Matz-Costa, C., James, J.B., Ludlow, L., Brown, M., Besen, E., & Johnson, C. (2014). The meaning and measurement of productive engagement in later life. Social Indicators Research, 118(3), 1293-1314.  doi: 10.1007/s11205-013-0469-6

O’Leary M, Lysaught Z & Ludlow LH (2013). A measurement instrument to evaluate teachers’ assessment for learning classroom practices. International Journal of Educational and Psychological Assessment.14(2), 40-62.(90)

Sinnema CEL & Ludlow LH (2013). The measurement of responsiveness in curriculum practice: A Rasch approach. International Journal of Educational and Psychological Assessment, 12(2), 33-56.

Cochran-Smith M, Ludlow LH, Ell F, O’Leary M & Enterline S. (2012). Learning to teach for social justice as a cross-cultural concept: Findings from three countries. European Journal of Educational Research, 1(2), 171-198.

Rollison JM, Ludlow LH & Wallingford T (2012). Assessing content knowledge and changes in confidence and anxiety        related to economic literacy in a professional development program for history teachers. Journal of Educational        Research and Practice, 2(1), 15-30.


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