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Lynch School of Education

Belle Liang

counseling, developmental, and educational psychology department

belle liang headshot

Campion Hall
Room 314

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Dr. Liang's Research Lab


Ph.D., Michigan State University

EXPERTISE/INTERESTS Mentoring and relational health in adolescence and young adulthood; Youth purpose.


Selected Honors

2014 American Psychological Association Fellow, Division 17 Counseling Psychology.

2014 Nominee, SPSSI Innovative Teaching Award.

2010 Finalist, SPSSI Outstanding Teaching & Mentoring Award.

2008 Inaugural Many Faces of Counseling Psychology Award, International Counseling Psychology conference, for innovations in strength-based, developmental, and preventative approaches to psychological issues.

2007 Summa Cum Laude Award, Teaching with New Media Award for exemplary uses of technology in teaching.

2006  Inaugural Distinguished Asian Alumni Award, Indiana University Alumni Association.

Selected Publications

Liang, B., & Ketchum, S.G. (in press). Emerging Adults Perceptions of their Development of Faith-Related Purpose.  Pscyhology of Religion and Spirituality.

Liang, B., Lund, T.J., Mousseau, A., White, A., Spencer, R. & Walsh, J. (in press).  Adolescent girls finding purpose:  The role of parents and pro-sociality. Youth & Society

West, J., Spinnazola, J., & Liang, B. (in press). Trauma Sensitive Yoga as a complementary treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder: A qualitative descriptive analysis.  International Journal of Stress Management.

West, J., Duffy, N., & Liang, B. (in press). Creating SPACE through Africa Yoga Project:  A qualitative study. International Journal of Yoga Therapy.  ( 

Liang, B., Lund, T., Mousseau, A., & Spencer, R. (2016). The mediating role of engagement in mentoring relationships and self-esteem among affluent adolescent girls.  Psychology in the Schools, 53(8), 848-860.

Liang, B., White, A., Mousseau, A., Hasse, A., Knight, L., Berardo, D., & Lund, T. (2016).  The four P's of purpose among College Bound students: People, propensity, passion and pro-social benefits. Journal of Positive Psychology(

Spencer, R., Walsh, J., Liang, B., Mousseau, A., & Lund, T. (2016). Having it all?: A qualitative examination of affluent adolescent girls perceptions of stress and their quests for success.  Journal of Adolescent Research. (doi: 10.1177/0743558416670990) 

Mousseau, A., Lund, T., Liang, B., Spencer, R., & Walsh, J. (in press). Stress and losing sleep:  Sleep duration and perceived stress among affluent adolescent females.  Peabody Journal of Education.

Schwartz, S., Rhodes, J., Liang, B., Sanchez, B., Spencer, R., Kremer, S., & Kanchewa, S. (2014).  Mentoring in the digital age:  Social media use in adult-youth relationships.  Child and Youth Services Review, 47, 205-213.

Lund, T., Chan, P., & Liang, B. (2014).  Depression and relational health in Asian American and European American college women.  Psychology in the Schools, 51, 493-505.

Blattner, M.C., Liang, B., Lund, T., & Spencer, R. (2013) Searching for a sense of purpose:  The role of parents and effects on self-esteem among female adolescents. Journal of Adolescence, 36 (5), 839-848.


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