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Lynch School of Education

Andy Hargreaves

thomas more brennan chair

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Personal Website

Twitter: @HargreavesBC

Curriculum Vitae

Campion Hall
Room 110



Ph.D. University of Leeds (Sociology)


Professional Capital in Teaching

Educational Change

Uplifting Leadership

Leadership from the Middle


2016     Horace Mann League, Outstanding Friend of Public Education Award

2016     Education Advisor to the Premier of Ontario

2016     Top #10 ranked EduScholar with influence on public education policy debate, Education Week

2015     Boston College, Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award

2015     Grawmeyer Award in Education for Professional Capital (with Michael Fullan)

2015     Ranked #6 US Edu-Scholar for influence on public policy

2015     President-Elect of ICSEI (International Congress for School Effectiveness & Improvement)

2010     Honorary Doctorate, Uppsala University, Sweden

2010     Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA)

2010     Contribution to the Field Award, Learning Forward (formerly National Staff Develop't Council)       

Outstanding Book/Writing Awards from the:

  • American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (2013, 1995)
  • International Leadership Association (2013)
  • National Staff Development Council (2009)
  • American Educational Research Association (2004)
  • American Libraries Association (2004)                  

Visiting Professorships & Fellowships in USA, Canada, England, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore & Japan


Recent Research Grants

Council of Ontario Directors of Education, Leading From the Middle, $250,000 (with Dennis Shirley), 2015-2017

Northwest Rural Innovation and Student Engagement (NW RISE) Network, Education NorthWest, USA, $500,000 (with Dennis Shirley), 2013 -2018         

Council of Ontario Directors of Education, Evaluation of “Essential for Some, Good for All” project, $400,000 (with Henry Braun), 2009-2013

Alberta School Improvement Branch, Review of the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement, $100,000 (with Dennis Shirley and Lori McEwen), 2009

UK Specialist Schools and Academies Trust/National College for School Leadership: Beyond Expectations – a study of sustainability in four sectors, $400,000 (with Alma Harris), 2006-2009


Recent Books

Hargreaves, A., Boyle, A. & Harris, A. (2014) Uplifting Leadership, San Francisco, Jossey Bass

Hargreaves, A. &  Fullan, M. (2012)  Professional Capital: transforming teaching in every school, New York, Teachers College Press.

Hargreaves, A. &  Shirley, D. (2012)  The Global Fourth Way: the quest for educational excellence, Thousand Oaks, CA; Corwin Press.

Hargreaves, A., Lieberman, A., Fullan, M. & Hopkins, D. (Eds.) (2010) Second International Handbook of Educational Change. Dordrecht, Springer.

Hargreaves, A. & Shirley, D. (2009) The Fourth Way, Thousand Oaks, CA; Corwin Press.

Hargreaves, A. & Fullan, M. (Eds.) (2008) Change Wars, Bloomington, IN, Solution Tree.

Hargreaves, A. & Fink, D. (2006) Sustainable Leadership, San Francisco, Jossey-Bass.

Hargreaves, A. (2003) Teaching in the Knowledge Society: Education in the Age of Insecurity. New York: Teachers' College Press and Buckingham: Open University Press.

Opinion & Social Media

Times Educational Supplement, UK,Commentary, The Vanguard and the Guard's Van, Two Approaches to Teacher Professionalism, February 5 (2016)

Royal Society of Arts, Building a Teacher Powered Education, Lecture to Royal Society of Arts, January (2016)

Washington Post, The Tower of Pisa is Badly Leaning (with Pasi Sahlberg), (2015)

Diane Ravitch Blog, The Success of Schools in Massachusetts Cannot Be Explained by Testing (with Mary Bridget Burns and Shanee Wangia), (2015)


Washington Post Answer Sheet, What's the real purpose of educational benchmarking? (2014).

Education Week: K-12 Leaders Look For Answers Outside Schools (2014).

TEDx Talk "Uplifting Leadership: Uplifting your performance, your people, and yourself" (2013).

American Public Radio Interview, Measuring Improvement (with Henry Braun, 2013).

Washington Post Answer Sheet, Six Principles for using data to hold people accountable (2013).

Huffington Post: The Global Search for Education: School Performance (2013).

Selected Papers and Chapters (since 2012)

Hargreaves, A.  (2016) "The place for professional capital and community", Journal of Professional Capital and Community, Vol. 1: 1.

Hargreaves, A; Parsley, D. & Cox, E (2015) Designing and Launching Rural School Improvement Networks: Aspirations and Actualities, Peabody Journal of Education, Volume 90, Issue 2, March 2015, pp. 306-321.

Hargreaves, A & Ainscow, M (2015) The Top and Bottom of Leadership and Change, Phi Delta Kappan, November, pp.42-48.

Hargreaves, A. & Boyle, A. (2015) Uplifting Leadership: the higher calling of business, sport and education; Educational Leadership, February 2015, Vol. 72 Issue 5, pp. 42-47.

Fullan, M; Rincon-Gallardo, S. & Hargreaves, A (2015) Professional Capital as Accountability, Education Policy Analysis Archives. Volume 23, February 2015, pp.1-21.

Hargreaves, A (2015) Autonomy and transparency: two good ideas gone bad in Evers, J (2015) Flip The System, Routledge, pp. 120-133.

Hargreaves, A (2015) Schooling, teachers and leadership, Chapter 4 of OECD, Improving Schools in Scotland, Paris, OECD, pp 115-144.

Hargreaves, A. (2014) Building The Professional Capital for Schools to Deliver Successful Change, Chapter 3 of OECD, Improving Schools in Wales, Paris, OECD, pp 64-90

Hargreaves, A., Morton, B., Braun, H. & Gurn, A. (2014). The Changing Dynamic of Educational Judgment and Decision Making In a Data-Driven World, In Chitpin, S. & Evers, C. (2014) (Eds.) Decision-Making in Educational Leadership: Principle, Policies and Practice, Springer Books.

Hargreaves, A (2014) Imagine There’s No Rankings, In Reynolds, L. (Ed), Imagine it Better, New York, Heinemann. Pp 8-13

Hargreaves, A (2014) “Large-Scale Reform in Literacy and Math: Rethinking Strategy in the Light of International Evidence”; Journal of Reading Recovery, Fall, pp 27-35

Hargreaves, A (2013) “The Day of Judgment”, in Newberry, M., Gallant, A. & Riley, P. (2013), Emotion and School: Understanding how the Hidden Curriculum Influences Relationships, (pp. xv - xx)

Hargreaves, A (2013). "Professional Capital and the Future of Teaching," in Seddon, T. & Levin, J (Eds). Educators, professionalism and politics, World Yearbook of Education 2013:NY, NY: Routledge. (pp. 290-310)

Hargreaves, A, & Skerrett, A (2012). "School Leadership for Diversity", Encyclopaedia of Diversity in Education (pp. 1886-1891). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Hargreaves, A, & Skelton, J. S. (2012). "Politics and systems of coaching and mentoring", In Fletcher. S.J. &  Mullen. C. A. (Eds.), The Sage Handbook of Mentoring and Coaching in Education (pp. 122-138). CA: SAGE.

Hargreaves, A., Johnson, C.S. & Kew, K (2012), Education, Education reform and school change, Oxford Bibliographies Online

Selected Keynote Addresses 2015-2016

2016 January       Royal Society of Arts, UK
                          Teacher Leadership Summit, Washington                               DC
2015 November   Norwegian Queen’s Jubilee Conference                               on Education
        October      National Institute of Education,                                       Singapore
                          Hong Kong University
       September  Sustainable Learning Conference,                                        Utrecht, Netherlands
                          Australian Council for Educational                                          Leaders, Sydney   
        June           Arizona K-12 Teacher Leadership                                        Conference
        April           University of Denver
                          Ontario Public School Administrators
                          Danish Upper Secondary Schools                                       Conference
        March         ASCD Annual Conference Distinguished                                 Feature Lecture
                          University of Tokyo, Japan
                          University of Fukui, Japan
                          ULead International Conference, Banff,                                Alberta
        February     National Effective Schools Conference,                                   Phoenix
        January       Rennie Center, Massachusetts, State of                               the State
                          Association of California School                                           Administrators