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Lynch School of Education

Audrey Friedman

assistant dean for undergraduate student services
associate professor



Curriculum Vitae

Personal Web page

Campion Hall
Room 115



Ph.D., Boston College


Developing and nurturing Reflective Judgment in adolescents and adults; alternative assessment in reading, writing, mathematics and science K-12


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Book Chapters

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2014 PI: NSF: NOYCE Grant (2014-2019): Science Educators for Urban Schools 2 ($800,000 over five years). Grant awarded 8/2014.

2012 PI: Teaching and Mentoring Grant: $7000.00

2009 Co-PI with Alec Peck Can You Hear Me Now? Impact of Technology on Student Formation. ($5,000.00) Grant awarded Fall, 2009.

2008-2013 PI: Robert NOYCE Grant : Science Educators for Urban Schools (S.E.U.S.) National Science Foundation


2016 Teacher of the Year, Boston College: Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honor Society

2009 Professor of the year : State of Massachusetts: Council  For Advancement and school of Education

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