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Lynch School of Education

Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Cawthorne Professor of Teacher Education for Urban Schools
director, doctoral program in curriculum and instruction



Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania


Teacher education research, practice and policy; practitioner inquiry and teacher learning across the professional lifespan; teaching/teacher education and issues of equity, diversity and social justice


2012, Doctor of Letters, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

2012, Doctor Honoris Causa.  (Honorary Doctoral Degree) University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain

2011, AACTE David C. Imig Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teacher Education for Inquiry as Stance (M. Cochran-Smith and S.L. Lytle)

Selected Recent Publications

 Cochran-Smith, M. & Power, C. (2013) Preparing Teachers for Tomorrow’s America, in Kysilka, M.L., & Davis, O.L., Jr. (Eds.), Schooling for Tomorrow’s America, (pp. 89-106), Charlotte, N.C., Information Age Publishing, Inc.

Cochran-Smith (2013) Teacher Education Challenges: National and International Perspectives in Olstern, A., Smith, K., Ryghaug, T., Kruger, T., and Postholm, M.G. (Eds), Teacher Education Research between National Identity and Global Trends. NAFOL Year Book 2012 (pp. 121-135) Norway, Akademika Publishing.

Cochran-Smith, M., & Power, C. (2013) Preparing Teachers for Diversity: A Global Issue. Monti Migranti, 5(2), 81-98.

Cochran-Smith, M., Dudley-Marling. C. (2013). Crossing the Divide?: Diversity Issues in Teacher Education and Special Education: A Response to Leah Wasburn-Moses. Journal of Teacher Education, 64(3), 279-282.

Cochran-Smith, M. (2013) Trends and challenges in teacher education: National and international perspectives in Waldron, F., Smith, J., Dooley, T., & Fitzpatrick, M. (Eds.) Reimagining initial teacher education: Perspectives on transformation (pp. 29-53). Dublin, Liffey Press.

Cochran-Smith, M. (2013). Introduction:  The Politics of Policy in Teacher Education: International Perspectives. The Education Forum. 77(1), 1-2.

Cochran-Smith, M., Piazza, P. & Power, C. (2013). The Politics of Accountability: Assessing Teacher Education in the U.S. The Education Forum, 77(1), 6-27.

Cochran-Smith, M. & Dudley-Marling, C. (2012) Diversity in Teacher Education and Special Education: The Issues That Divide.  Journal of Teacher Education.

Cochran-Smith, M. (2012) Composing a Research Life.  Action in Teacher Education.

Cochran-Smith, M., Cannady, M., McEachern, K., Mitchell, K., Piazza, P., Power, C., Ryan, A. (2012)  Teachers’ Education and Outcomes: Mapping the Research Terrain. Teachers College Record.

Cochran-Smith, M., McQuillan, P.J., Mitchell, K., Terrell, D., Barnatt, J., D’Souza, L., Jong, C., Shakman, K. Lam, K., Gleeson, A.M. (2012) A Longitudinal Study of Teaching Practice and Early Career Decisions: A Cautionary Tale. American Education Research Journal.

Selected Keynotes

(2014, February)  Ed Reform's Alphabet Soup: The Acronyms we Live by in Teacher Education,  ATE Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri.

(2014, February)  Learning to Teach Over Time: Two Teachers, Two Paths, IV Congreprinci, Curitiba, Brazil.

(2013, November) The New Landscape of Teacher Education: Trends and Challenges, Eastern Michigan University.

(2013, October) Teacher Education, Inquiry and Evidence: Metaphors to Live By, University of Roehampton, England.

(2013, July) Preparing Educators: Learning to Teach for Social Justice, University of Redlands, California.

(2013, May) Teacher Education in the United States: What’s the Big Picture? Seoul National University of Education, Seoul, Republic of South Korea.

(2013, May) Trends and Challenges in Teacher Education, Culminating Campus & Career Readiness Institute, Austin, Texas.

(2013, February) Teacher Education at a Crossroads, John Wozniak Distinguished Annual Lecture in Education, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois.

(2013, February) Teacher Quality, Teacher Education and Outcomes, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

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