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Lynch School of Education

Rebecca Mitchell

assistant professor, curriculum and instruction teacher education, special education, and curriculum and instruction department

headshot of professor rebecca mitchell


Curriculum Vitae

Campion Hall
Room 216


Ed.D., Harvard University, Learning and Teaching
M.S., Florida State University, Mathematics Education

Assessing and supporting Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) for pre-service and practicing teachers, exploring the knowledge demands of teaching mathematical topics with such tools as models and technology.

Inaugural Presidential Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Education
National Board Certification, Adolescent/Young Adult Mathematics (1999-2009)


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Charalambos, C., Hill, H. &, Mitchell, R. (2012). Two negatives don't always make a positive: Explore how limitations in teacher knowledge and the curriculum contribute to instructional quality. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 44(4), 489-513.

O'Shea, P., Mitchell, R., Johnston, C., & Dede, C. (2009). Lessons Learned about Designing Augmented Realities. International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations, 1(1).

Dunleavy, M., Dede, C., & Mitchell, R. (2009). Affordances and Limitations of Immersive Participatory Augmented Reality Simulations for Teaching and Learning. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 18(1).

Hammerman, J. K. L., & Mitchell, R. (2007). Measuring Adult Developmental Differences Using a Survey Instrument. Retrieved 15 January, 2008, from

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