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Nutrition Knowledge, pre-test vs. post-test

Increased Health Knowledge

Exposure to the New Balance Foundation Health & Wellness Program helps students thrive in another area that may contribute to school success and life chances: health knowledge and behavior. The New Balance Foundation Health & Wellness Program makes a significant difference in students' health knowledge and behaviors, as measured by pre- and post-tests in student surveys.

The graph above shows students' nutrition knowledge before and after participating in the Nutrition unit. For all grades, there was significant improvement in scores on nutrition knowledge items from pre- to post-test. Score improvements were largeset at second and third grades. The Nutrition unit included lessons on the nutritional content of different foods, how to read nutrition labels, and how the body uses nutrients. In addition to this knowledge content, the unit explored attitude asnd behaviors related to healthy eating.

Similar gains in knowledge were found for the Physical Activity, Bullying Prevention, and Healthy Choices units.

Citation: The Impact of City Connects: Progress Report 2014, p. 35-39.