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Partnering with City Connects makes a difference for students, schools, and families. For community agencies, involvement with City Connects means serving students better.

"The School Site Coordinator has made an impact on our school climate—not just for the students, but also through the outreach she has done to parents and her relationship-building and rapport with the teaching staff, too."


Prinicipal Satisfaction

Principal Satisfaction

In spring of 2013, City Connects surveyed principals about their satisfaction with the program. Of those who completed the survey, in both Boston and Springfield, 100% reported they were satisfied with City Connects as a whole, and with School Site Coordinator (SSC) work with students and families.

Principals were also highly satisfied with SSCs’ work with teachers: 88% in Boston and 100% in Springfield. Another strong indicator of principal satisfaction was that in both Boston and Springfield, 100% of principals would recommend City Connects to a principal in another school. In addition to being satisfied with the School Site Coordinators’ work, 86% of Boston and 100% of Springfield principals indicated that the delivery of student support has improved at their school as a result of City Connects.

An interesting trend emerged in the 2013 survey: increasingly, principals cited the importance of City Connects on academic achievement and standardized test performance. The trend is illustrated in the first rows of the table above. Also shown in the table is that over the past two years, a growing percentage of principals reported they believe City Connects is helpful at addressing student academic achievement and performance on statewide test (MCAS) scores.

Principals also recognized the helpfulness of City Connects with such important areas as student behavior and teachers’ ability to support students in the classroom.

The 2012-13 survey asked principals via open-response, “What was the most valuable thing about having City Connects in your school this year?” Example responses included:

“The way in which children are supported, either through direct service or by advocating for and ensuring they get services.”—Boston principal

“Connecting with outside providers to obtain services for our students.”—Springfield principal

“City Connects has placed high-quality professionals in our school who provide an outstanding level of effort and support to our students, families, and teachers.”—Boston principal

Hear firsthand from principals in our City Connects mini-documentary.

Citation: The Impact of City Connects: Progress Report 2014, p. 40-41.