In the 2014 anonymous survey of teachers at City Connects schools, 96% percent of the 201 teachers responding in Boston and 86% of the 86 teachers responding in Springfield answered “yes” to the question “Are you satisfied with City Connects?” Additionally, 97% of Boston and 87% of Springfield respondents would recommend City Connects to a teacher in another school.

In addition to these basic satisfaction questions, the survey asked teachers to report their satisfaction with specific aspects of the implementation of City Connects supports. For example, 95% of teachers in Boston and 94% in Springfield reported that students in their class who would benefit from an Individual Student Review received one. These in-depth reviews of students most at risk lead to goals and associated interventions, with tracking of progress over time.

“The school has gained a watchful eye toward the emotional and academic needs of all students, and also an experienced [professional] that can function between the worlds of school counselor and teacher.” - Springfield teacher