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Partnering with City Connects makes a difference for students, schools, and families. For community agencies, involvement with City Connects means serving students better.

"My role with families has centered on listening to their struggles and concerns about their kids, encouraging them, offering support, and providing them with resource options to meet their needs."

—City Connects School Site Coordinator

Impact on Families

The City Connects intervention depends in a substantial way on the involvement of families. The evidence from principal interviews and our School Site Coordinators’ weekly written narrative suggests that the ties between schools and families are strengthened by the intervention. Principals report that our Coordinators help families feel welcome and therefore increase their visits to the school. They also connect families to family services, obtain consent for services, secure funding and transportation, help with language barriers, and secure basic needs like housing and clothing.

Citation: City Connects annual report (Fall 2009, updated Spring 2010): The Impact of Boston Connects: Summary Report 2008-2009, p. 44-45.