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Partnering with City Connects makes a difference for students, schools, and families. For community agencies, involvement with City Connects means serving students better.

"Our ability to have programs within the school is a direct result of having a site coordinator who can help arrange the details and can identify students who may need the services."

—Community Agency Partner

Community Agency Satisfaction

Impact on Community Agencies

In the 2012-13, 132 community partners working with City Connects schools responded to an online survey. Of the responding partners, 105 identified themselves as working primarily in Boston and 27 in Springfield. In both cities, most respondents reported (via yes/no response) that they are satisfied with their partnership with City Connects: 99% in Boston and 92% in Springfield.  Most also indicated that City Connects is effective at identifying students’ needs: 99% (Boston) and 88% (Springfield).  Almost all would recommend City Connects to another agency: 99% (Boston) and 96% (Springfield).

This table reveals several dimensions of good collaboration for which respondents were more often “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with City Connects schools than with non-City Connects schools. Differences are particularly notable in the referral process, the opportunities provided for partners to give feedback to the school, and the cultural competence of the primary contact in schools.

Citation: The Impact of City Connects: Progress Report 2014, p. 44-47.