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We believe that children can be successful in school by ensuring that their strengths and needs are equally supported.

At the core of our intervention is a full-time School Site Coordinator in each school.

School Site Coordinator Illustration

These Master’s-level school counselors or school social workers serve as a hub for student support activities and collaborate with families, school faculty and staff, and the Boston College leadership and research team. The School Site Coordinator works with the classroom teacher and other school staff to assess each child’s strengths and needs in four domains: academic, social/emotional, health, and family.

Based on this information, each student is connected to a tailored set of school- and community-based services. The School Site Coordinator facilitates and enhances partnerships with community agencies to meet the identified needs of students, families, and schools. He or she assists families to take the necessary steps to access the services and enrichment activities recommended for their children.

The School Site Coordinator also collaborates with classroom teachers and community agencies to develop effective classroom interventions around behavioral, social-emotional, and health concerns.