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The Leadership Team Initiative

the barbara and patrick roche center for catholic education


The Leadership Team Initiative (LTI) provides Catholic school leadership teams with the tools they need to successfully collaborate, manage, and navigate as mission-centered institutions in the complex realities of the modern educational environment.  Teams comprised of principals, pastors, teachers, board members, and other stakeholders participate in team training four times a year to support transformative work in their schools.  The Leadership Team Initiative is designed to serve dioceses and partnerships across the United State that work closely with superintendents.  For more information, please visit the LTI resource web site.

Overview of the Leadership Team Initiative Program

The Catholic School Leadership Team Initiative (LTI) begins each year with a two-day conference and continues through the academic year with three additional workshops on critical topics.  These challenges include:

Leading a Mission Driven School
What is the relevance of a Catholic education in the 21st century?  What is the enterprise for which leadership teams are responsible?  How does the team keep the school community focused on the mission?  How can the school community be infused with the Catholic faith?

Academic Excellence for the 21st Century

What does academic excellence mean today?  How does a leadership team know if the academic program is excellent?  What skills and resources does the academic program require of the administration, faculty, and students?

Marketing Catholic Education in a Secular Society
How does each Catholic school communicate worth in modern society?  What tools and proven business practices bolster a school's appeal, increase its visibility, and attract new families?

Managing Technology in the Classroom
What are the legal policies influencing educational technology?  How can schools be responsible consumers of emerging technologies in education?

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