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About 'Catholic University Leadership'

Program Description & Goals

The Boston College MA in Higher Education Administration and CUL offers a singularly unique intellectual and professional training experience among graduate programs in higher education. 

With a combination of the core courses in the BC Higher Education Administration program, select courses in the BC School of Theology and Ministry and specialized courses in the study of religion, philosophy and culture in Catholic higher education, the CUL concentration is designed to:

- Foster an understanding of higher education adminsitration within Catholic colleges and universities as a vocation in service to the needs of a pluralistic society and for the common good.  

- Engender knowledge of institutional culture, identity, and mission in Catholic colleges and universities in the context of decision-making, policy development, research, institutional advancement, intellectual culture and student life.

- Enable graduates to bring the resources of the Catholic intellectual tradition to contribute competently and ethically to the mission of Catholic higher education by serving in a broad range of institutional leadership roles and responsibilities.

Students in the Boston College graduate program Higher Education Administration and Catholic University Leadership seek to:

- Explore student moral and spiritual development through higher education policy, practice, student development theory, and sociology of religion.

- Reflect on the meaning of Catholic higher education “in the heart of the Church” and CHE’s responsibility and contribution to the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

- Gain a foundation of knowledge about the relationship and influences between religion and Higher Education in the development of intellectual culture in the United States

- Develop core competencies in history, social science, philosophy, and theology to better understand, and seek a job at a Catholic college or university.

- Engage in contributing to the scholarship of religion and higher education and/or Catholic higher education.

- Secure internships, contacts and professional networking opportunities in Catholic higher education.