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Welcome to the Supported Employment Program

employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities

Welcome to our website, we invite you to learn more about Supported Employment!

Under the reinforcement and direction of professional job coaches and case managers who monitor the progress of each worker, the employees within the program receive continual assessment, support, and training designed to meet their individual needs in order to ensure growth and success at their jobs. The program has also been able to assist employees in making informed decisions about their career goals and to take action toward these goals.

The Boston College Supported Employment Program finds employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities into a competitive work environment, while they equally gain aptitude and autonomy. Helping individuals to develop employment skills, build relationships with their co-workers, and access community resources and activities, Supported Employment won the 1998 Arc Massachusetts Distinguished Citizen Award and was cited for being a "model work program" for people with disabilities. 


The Boston College Supported Employment Program has helped over forty individuals with disabilities gain and keep their employment experience for a period of several years. They work in various departments such as Dining Services, Office of Residential Life, Human Resources, Graduate School of Social Work, the Center for Corporate Citizenship, the Bookstore, Boston College Libraries, School of Nursing and Facilities.