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Boston College Campus School

Physical Therapy

boston college campus school

The Campus School's three physical therapists provide students with foundation skills needed to improve functional gross motor in the classroom, home and community.  Physical therapy is provided on an individual, small group, and/or consultative basis.

During direct treatment students work on motor skills as outlined in their IEP.  Goals often include range of motion, strengthening exercises, and balance activities to improve the student's ability to roll, sit, reach, crawl, and walk. Group sessions are important to model appropriate positioning and facilitation techniques to all staff, as well as to increase motivation through interaction with peers.  Although PT groups work on individual needs the theme is generally aligned with classroom curriculum.


Students at the Campus School use a variety of alternative positioning equipment. These are important to maintain orthopedic and skin integrity. They allow the children to experience their world in a different way, furthering their learning potential. Unique to the Campus School is our 150 ft track system. This oval ceiling-mounted track has six suspension hooks, which allows up to six students to be suspended in walking harnesses at once. Students are supported in an upright position with their feet on the floor. In this position they are able to walk on their own, or are assisted to take steps. The track system and harnesses can be adapted for use in a crawling position as well.

PT mat

In addition to direct treatment to work on individual student needs, the physical therapy department assists families in the procurement of specialized equipment. There is a monthly wheelchair clinic for the fitting and ordering of wheelchairs, standers, strollers, bathing equipment, gait trainers and car seats. There is also a biweekly orthotics clinic for the fitting of body jackets and lower extremity bracing. These services, offered at the school, assist the families in ordering with ease and accuracy.