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Music Therapy

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Music therapy services support students in developing communication, social, motor, and educational skills. Music's rhythms and melodies can motivate and prompt students' communication and participation, more effectively with some students than by verbal means alone.

For children with neurological impairments, O'Callaghan writes, "when using both language and a multi-sensory music therapy approach with clients…there exists heightened opportunity to access intact neural pathways and cerebral areas than when using language alone. This helps to explain the many reports and studies indicating that people with neurological damage respond to music more than other stimuli" (MusicMedicine, Vol. 3, pg. 93).

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Through the use of assistive technology, music therapy sessions give the students opportunities to make choices of songs or instruments to play. Music motivates and inspires students' engagement on a social and emotional level, facilitates self-expression and feelings of community, and assists students in learning.