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the campus school at boston college

Message from the Director

the campus school at boston college

Dr. Don Ricciato, Director
Dr. Don Ricciato

Welcome to the Campus School at Boston College (CSBC) website. Our program is a private, publicly funded special-education day school operating within the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. Started in 1970, the program provides services to students aged 3-21 with severe multiple disabilities. The students present with significant physical challenges; lack functional speech; and have sensory limitations of low vision and/or hearing impairment, cognitive deficits, and an array of complex health care needs.

The Campus School at Boston College utilizes a trans-disciplinary approach to meet the educational, therapeutic, and health care needs of the students enrolled in the program. Recognizing the benefits of collaboration, the service delivery team addresses total student needs across all environments throughout the day. Engaging in reflection, planning, implementation of evidence-based practices, and informal and/or formal assessments, the staff strives to provide a learning environment responsive to students' needs.

The service delivery team meets weekly to engage in dialogue about individual student programs. Emphasis is placed on learning through active and meaningful student participation, balancing access to the general education curriculum and curricular relevance.

The classrooms are the center from which all students' services emanate. Students are grouped within age-appropriate classrooms, staffed with certified special-education teachers and teaching assistants. The related services staff implements an integrated service delivery model, providing services to individual students and small groups across a variety of school environments. To the greatest extent possible, classroom and related services staff collaboratively implement services to ensure that all staff members are knowledgeable about total student needs.

The following services are provided:

  • Special Education
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy/Communication
  • Music Therapy
  • Transition Skills
  • Vision Services
  • Eye Gaze Technology
  • Family Work
  • Health Care
  • Psychology Consult
  • Nutritional Consult

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