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the campus school at boston college


the campus school at boston college

The students at the Campus School at Boston College access the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks via lessons and activities adapted through the use of our CSBC Frameworks and Curriculum guide. The curriculum guide is divided into five areas consisting of: Communication Competency and Language Development, Personal Management, Applied Academics, Socialization and Leisure/ Recreation. It is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. The curriculum guide was designed by program staff and is used to ensure that all students are provided with relevant and effective learning opportunities as well as access to the general education curriculum.

In addition to the Frameworks and the Curriculum Guide, the CSBC utilizes the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System (AEPS) in order to assess our students' goals and objectives, and to create intervention plans. The goals and objectives are then embedded into the students' daily schedules

For students ages 8-16, individualized Education Program goals and objectives are directly linked with the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) learning standards.  Our students participate in MCAS-Alternative Assessment;  data and evidence are compiled into an individual portfolio.  Our students address the Massachusetts Curriculum Framworks at Access or Entry Points through thematic units.

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