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Boston College Campus School

Boston College Campus School

realizing the potential in all students

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The Boston College Campus School is committed to providing quality education to learners ages 3-21 with multiple challenges, including complex health care needs.  Our program provides a holistic, student-centered approach in a school-based setting, as well as support to families.

Our Student Population

We serve a unique population including students with low incidence diagnoses such as Pitt Hopkins, Rett Syndrome, CDLK5, Mitochondrial Disease, Angelman Syndrome, Hirchprung's Disease, Vacterl Syndrome as well as Cerebral Palsy, Trisomy 21(Down Syndrome), Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Global Developemntal Delays. As a part of the Boston College community, our students form lasting relationships with undergraduate students. 

Curious Creatures 115

Latest News....  

Curious Creatures

Curious Creatures visited the Campus School turning our multi-purpose room into a live, interactive animal safari. The students and staff enjoyed the hands-on experience with exotic and unusual animals. 


Creative Kids

Creative Kids is an opportunity for Campus School students to appreciate music through a musician in residence provided by Very Special Arts of Massachusetts (VSA).  Through this music appreciation and enrichment program, Campus School students are partnered with an undergraduate and, together, they participate in exciting musical activities.  This program gives our students opportunities to address their IEP goals/objectives through exposure to cultural arts.


BC vs. Clemson Football Game

Our students, families, and staff were guests of the BC Eagles football team and the athletics department.  The day began with tailgating and socializing, followed by an exciting football game.  One family expressed their appreciation by saying, "It would not be possible for us to attend a game like this without the efforts of the Campus School and BC Athletics.  It is one of the more enjoyable days of the year for us.  Thank you!"

Save the Date

The Dance Ensemble show at Robsham Theatre on Friday, December 5th and Saturday, December 6th at 7:30pm.  All proceeds go directly to the Campus School.

The Campus School craft fair on Tuesday, December 9th from 9-2pm.