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Boston College Campus School

realizing the potential in all students

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The Boston College Campus School is committed to providing quality education to learners ages 3-21 with multiple challenges, including complex health care needs.  Our program provides a holistic, student-centered approach in a school-based setting, as well as support to families.


Our Student Population

We serve a unique population including students with low incidence diagnoses such as Pitt Hopkins, Rett Syndrome, CDLK5, Mitochondrial Disease, Angelman Syndrome, Hirchprung's Disease, Vacterl Syndrome as well as Cerebral Palsy, Trisomy 21(Down Syndrome), Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Global Developemntal Delays. As a part of the Boston College community, our students form lasting relationships with undergraduate students. 



June, 2014

Saint Columbkille joins Campus School for Field Day

Saint Columbkille 6th graders join Campus School students for Field Day.  The students particiated in outdoor activites enjoying the beautiful weather and new friendships. 

Deloitte Impact Day at the Campus School

June, 2014

Thank you to the several employees from Deloitte who spent the day volunteering at Campus School. Both the indoor and outdoor activities were a huge success.  Thanks for sharing your time and efforts with all of us at the Campus School. 

Campus School to Stay at Boston College

March 10, 2014

I am pleased to inform you that Boston College Campus School will continue to be an integral part of Boston College within the Lynch School of Education.

As you may know, Boston College and Franciscan Children’s Hospital were engaged in discussions about a possible affiliation that included potential relocation of the Campus School to the Kennedy Day School.  After extensive conversations with Campus School parents and University students, University officials decided not to pursue this affiliation so that Campus School could continue this truly unique program on the campus of Boston College.

 A strategic plan is being developed that will sustain the school and continue its 43 year history at Boston College.  I look forward to continue working with all of you in providing responsive, transdisciplinary services to your students in need of a highly specialized environment in order to make effective progress.

 Thank you for your support of our program.  If you need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me at or (617) 552-3223.

Don Ricciato,Ph.D.