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Boston College Campus School

Boston College Campus School

realizing the potential in all students


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The Boston College Campus School is committed to providing quality education to learners ages 3-21 with multiple challenges, including complex health care needs.  Our program provides a holistic, student-centered approach in a school-based setting, as well as support to families.

Our Student Population

We serve a unique population including students with low incidence diagnoses such as Pitt Hopkins, Rett Syndrome, CDLK5, Mitochondrial Disease, Angelman Syndrome, Hirchprung's Disease, Vacterl Syndrome as well as Cerebral Palsy, Trisomy 21(Down Syndrome), Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Global Developemntal Delays. As a part of the Boston College community, our students form lasting relationships with undergraduate students. 




My 3-year-old daughter, Lana, is a mystery. In the world of children with severe special needs, she is in a unique class. There is no explanation for her neurological challenges as we continue to search for answers.

Yet in just five months since Lana enrolled at the Boston College Campus School, the staff has opened doors for her that had been locked until now. Lana has made amazing strides—we are watching our daughter transform from a child who did not smile or look her family in the eye to a connected and engaged little girl. This was made possible in part by people like you who support this incredible community.

Amidst all the high-tech equipment and technology, the school's best tool is, hands down, its people. The educators and staff of the Campus School have changed our lives. They have given us the gift of hope. With their extraordinary support, resources, and curriculum, our life beyond school is completely different and infinitely better.

The Campus School is our greatest partner on our journey with Lana, and it has paved a road forward for her that we could not have imagined.

It's challenging and expensive to create this joyful, enriching environment, which is why the Campus School needs our help. Donations like yours are integral to the success of our school. I hope you'll join me in making a gift that will have a real impact on children like Lana and families like ours.

Please know that all of us whose lives are made better by the Campus School are deeply grateful for your help.


Pam Gibbs


campus school

Holiday Party at Campus School

At the annual holiday party the Future HOPE Foundation presented a check to Don Ricciato, Director for $50,000 for the purchase of IPAD's for all Campus School students. The IPAD's will provide access for our students to communication, education and recreation activities.  Various BC undergraduate groups provided musical entertainment for staff, students and families. 


During this season of giving and reflection, the Boston College Campus School has much to be grateful for. Our school is a special place, serving students who present with severe multiple disabilities, and support from donors like you keeps us strong. The care and positivity put forth by our staff and BC student volunteers—as well as our students and their families—is inspirational.
You can see it on display in this special look behind our doors:  

As you've seen, the Campus School is more than just a school—it's a living, loving, and nurturing community uniquely embedded in the heart of the BC campus, and, as a publicly funded school, we need your help to sustain it.

When you give to the Campus School, you help us respond to each one of our students' needs by supporting their individual development with special education, therapy, and healthcare.  

And on #GivingTuesday—the day where people come together to give back—your gift not only makes a statement, but it also makes a real difference in the lives of our students and their families. Talk about impact!

On behalf of each of us here at the Campus School, thank you for considering a commitment to our mission today.
Happy holidays,
Don Ricciato
Director, BC Campus School

PS Did you know that 100 percent of your gift goes directly to fund the Campus School? Only with your help can we provide the responsive services that enhance our students' quality of life.



BC Men & Women's Tennis teams demonstrated the game, equipment, and the fun of the sport to CS students.

Curious Creatures 115

Curious Creatures

Curious Creatures visited the Campus School turning our multi-purpose room into a live, interactive animal safari. The students and staff enjoyed the hands-on experience with exotic and unusual animals. 


Creative Kids

Creative Kids is an opportunity for Campus School students to appreciate music through a musician in residence provided by Very Special Arts of Massachusetts (VSA).  Through this music appreciation and enrichment program, Campus School students are partnered with an undergraduate and, together, they participate in exciting musical activities.  This program gives our students opportunities to address their IEP goals/objectives through exposure to cultural arts.