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the campus school at boston college

The Campus School at Boston College

realizing the potential in all students

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The Campus School recognizes the potential of every student by providing a transdisciplinary approach to special education and related services for students ages 3-21 with complex learning needs.  Our personalized approach, coupled with the research and staffing resources of Boston College, create a supportive and welcoming environment where all students can thrive.  The Campus School will contribute to the mission of the University to form and inform BC students with a sense of calling and with concern for all of the human family.

Our Student Population

We serve a unique population including students with low incidence diagnoses such as Pitt Hopkins, Rett Syndrome, CDLK5, Mitochondrial Disease, Angelman Syndrome, Hirchprung's Disease, Vacterl Syndrome as well as Cerebral Palsy, Trisomy 21(Down Syndrome), Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Global Developemntal Delays. As a part of the Boston College community, our students form lasting relationships with undergraduate students. 


Take a Glimpse Behind Our Doors

During this season of giving and reflection, the Campus School at Boston College has much to be grateful for. Our school is a special place, serving students who present with severe multiple disabilities, and support from donors like you keeps us strong. The care and positivity put forth by our staff and BC student volunteers—as well as our students and their families—is inspirational.

You can see it on display in this special look behind our doors:  

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