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Lynch School of Education

Non-Degree Student Status

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Students interested in pursuing course work at the graduate level, but not interested in enrolling in a degree program, may apply for non-degree admission (Special Student Status). Many individuals choose Special Student Status either to explore the seriousness of their interest in studying for an advanced degree and/or to strengthen their credentials for a future degree application. Others are interested in taking graduate course work for personal enrichment or professional development.


1.  Complete the online application and select "Non-Degree Status" in the "Applicant Profile" section.  *If you are applying to take a course and pay for it with a Practicum Office voucher, please indicate "non-degree" under both the Intended Program and Intended Concentration sections.  

2.  The application fee of $65

3.  One copy of a previous undergraduate or master's transcript are required.  You must have at least an undergraduate degree in order to apply. 

You transcript(s) must be mailed to:

Boston College Lynch School of Education
Data Processing Center
P.O. Box 8027
Portsmouth, NH 03802

Please note:  International applicants are not eligible for non-degree status unless they are currently enrolled full-time at another U.S. institution or they possess a current U.S. Visa that permits them to take graduate-level courses.  Please contact the Office of Graduate Admission for clarification.

Although there is no limit to the number of courses a Special Student may take, no more than four courses (12 credits), if appropriate, may be applied toward a degree program in the Graduate School of Education.  While admission as a Special Student does not guarantee subsequent admission for degree candidacy,  courses taken as a Special Student may be applied to a degree program after official acceptance into the program and with the consent of the student's advisor.  Certain restrictions apply to courses available to Special Students.  Professional course work associated with teacher or counseling licensure (including practicum course work) is reserved for matriculated degree students in these programs.  A listing of restricted courses is available in the Graduate Office each semester.  Additionally, non-degree students are not eligible for University sponsored sources of financial aid or any financial aid that requires matriculation in a degree program.


For more information about the non-degree application process and about registration for courses, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission.