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Lynch School of Education

Named Scholarships

lynch school of education

The Lynch School offers a number of special scholarships to our Master's students. These scholarships recognize the academic merit of our incoming students and honor the mission of the Lynch School. The requirements for obtaining these scholarships are necessarily more exacting than those for simply securing admission.

To apply, please fill out the application found here.

LSOE Alumni Award
The Alumni Award, established through the generosity of Lynch School alumni, is an assistantship comprised of a stipend and a significant tuition scholarship for a student who shows promise of leadership in the fields of education and applied psychology.  By nomination of the faculty at the time of admission.

Barry Fellowship
Steven M. and Tammy J. Barry established this fund to support graduate students with financial need.  The award provides tuition remission scholarships, with a preference to students focusing on learning among multi-disabled children.

Bradley Fellowship
The Bradley Endowed Fellowship is a tuition scholarship that supports students in our Fifth Year Program pursuing a specialization in moderate special needs.  The award gives preference to students seeking experience in urban schools.  An updated personal statement and resume are required from interested applicants during their senior undergraduate year.  The award is determined by special committee. 

Bristing Urban Scholar Fund

Gift of Karen Izzi Bristing '84.  This gift will endow inperpetuity the Bristing Urban Scholar Fund in the Lynch School of Education.  Bristing Urban Scholar awards funded by this gift will provide financial assistance to graduate students who are committed to teaching in an urban setting.  Bristing Urban Scholar award recipients will be selected at the direction of the Dean of the Lynch School of Education.  Established 2008, Amended December, 2011.

Catholic Educator Award
The Lynch School Catholic Educator Award provides partial tuition assistance to students who are currently working in Catholic schools.  The Catholic Educator Award requires an additional application.

Doctoral Diversity Fellowship
Boston College has resources that support a number of fellowships that are offered to especially promising doctorate students from groups that are underrepresented in their professions of choice. These fellowships are renewable for between three to five years assuming continued academic excellence, and carry full tuition scholarships and stipends of approximately $19,500.  By nomination of the faculty at the time of admission.

Donovan Urban Teaching Scholarship
Up to thirty students, dedicated to urban teaching, are selected to enter the Charles F. Donovan, S.J. Urban Teaching Scholars Program.  This one-year intensive cohort program prepares students for the challenges and issues involved in urban education.  Students are supported with a tuition scholarship covering half of the cost of their program of study.  Additional materials are required for admission to the Donovan Program.

Dean's Scholarship
For continuing students only: In an effort to support Master's students whose programs continue beyond one year, the Lynch School has reserved a limited number of merit-based tuition scholarships for students who qualify both academically and financially.  There is an application for these scholarships.

Dreyer Scholarship
The Herman J. Dreyer Fund provides tuition scholarship assistance to graduate students enrolled in the Lynch School.  The Dreyer Scholarship recognizes students who have displayed previous academic excellence and who have demonstrated financial need.

Duvnjak Fellowship
The Barbara Benz Duvnjak and Karlo Duvnjak Fund supports students with tuition remission scholarships who have displayed previous academic excellence and who have demonstrated financial need.

Flaherty and Masella Fellowship
The Mary Jane Flaherty and William Masella Fellowship Fund supports Lynch School graduate students with demonstrated financial need by providing tuition remission scholarships.  This award is presented to students from New York or New Jersey.

Fruscione Fellowship
The Immaculate A. Fruscione Fellowship is a tuition scholarship that supports students in the school counseling program who have a commitment to working in urban schools upon completion of their degree.

Hearst Fellowship
The William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fund supports master's degree students in our teacher education programs.

Kaneb Fellowship
The Kaneb Catholic Leadership Fellowship Fund supports students in Catholic leadership in our master's programs.  The fellowship offers tuition scholarships to students.

Keough Memorial Fellowship
The William F. Keough Memorial Fellowship Fund provides scholarship assistance for both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing studies in international education.

Lam Family Fellowship
In accord with the intent of the donors, William and Mary Lam, this award is presented to a Chinese student who is committed to enhancing the educational experiences of poor rural students in China.  It is comprised of a stipend and a tuition scholarship.

Martin Fellowship, Brenda and Robert

Gift of Brenda S. and Robert T.  Martin.  This gift will endow in perpetuity a fellowship fund in the Lynch School of Education; Income from the endowment will support a graduate student with a preference for those focusing on the education of students with learning differences.

Martin Memorial Fellowship
The Christine Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund supports a Lynch School undergraduate student continuing in one of our graduate programs.  The award is a tuition scholarship.  A preference is given to students engaged in volunteer service, especially serving children with disabilities.

Sharp Urban Teaching Scholarship
The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation has given the Lynch School a generous endowment to provide financial support to 10 highly talented graduate students per year who are from underrepresented groups committed to teaching in urban schools.  The scholarship is comprised of a $10,000 stipend. One-half of the stipend is an outright grant and the remaining $5,000 is a forgivable loan.  One-quarter of the loan amount will be forgiven upon completion of the master’s degree and the remaining three-quarters is forgiven, up to the full amount, for each year spent teaching in an urban school.  By nomination of the faculty at the time of admission.

Frances D. Stiglin Fellowship

Gift of Tara Stiglin DeNuccio in honor of her mother.  Income provides fellowship assistance for qualified Boston College graduate students with preference to those studying special needs in the Lynch School of Education.  Established 2005.

Urban Catholic Teacher Corps (UCTC)
Each year, six students are admitted to UCTC, a two-year program that offers new teachers an opportunity to gain experience in inner city Catholic schools.  The program offers full tuition coverage, in addition to a stipend and other benefits.  There are a separate application and additional requirements for UCTC.  Please note that the application deadline is also earlier than the normal deadline for teacher education programs.

Science Educators for Urban Schools 2! (SEUS 2) Award

Science Educators for Urban Schools 2! (SEUS 2) is a Robert Noyce Foundation Grant awarded by the National Science Foundation. SEUS 2 recruits and supports individuals pursuing undergraduate degrees in science to earn Master’s Degrees in Education: Secondary Science who will teach in urban schools (8-12).

Undergraduate Research Fellows Program

The Lynch School of Education Undergraduate Research Fellows Program at Boston College is a signature program established to enhance the academic experiences of undergraduates by cultivating their research skills and by fostering a mentoring relationship between faculty and undergraduates. Funded by a generous grant, the program stipends students to assist in faculty research. In addition, students learn how to review and critique current literature in the field, pose research questions, design metrics, recruit, prepare, and interview participants, gather, transcribe, clean, code, and analyze data, write reports and manuscripts for publication, and participate on research teams that include faculty, doctoral students, and masters’ students.

To apply to the program, please submit the faculty application and the student application to the Undergraduate Student Services office.

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