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Lynch School of Education

LSOE Need-Based Aid

lynch school of education

If you are applying to a Master's programs in the Lynch School and are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you may be eligible to receive tuition remission aid based on your demonstrated, significant need.

Please note:  This aid is different from the federal need-based application offered through University Student Services.  You do not need to file this form to be considered for federal loans.  Additionally, you do not need to file this form to be considered for any academic scholarships the Lynch School offers. 

Only applicants with severe need will be considered for this additional aid.  The application for this aid is available to only incoming students — students continuing in a program cannot be considered.  Need-Based Aid through this application is limited and is not guaranteed to everyone who applies. 

You must submit the following three forms to be considered for this aid.  Please be as thorough as possible when filling out the application. 

You will be evaluated based on your responses on the:

If you wish to apply, you should complete the 3 forms no later than April 17, 2015.  Late NeedAccess Applications will not be considered.  

Lynch School Need-Based Aid

As part of continuing efforts in the Lynch School to address the needs of academically talented, economically disadvantaged students who wish to pursue graduate study, the Lynch School offers their own need-based financial aid program.