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Lynch School of Education

Secondary Education

lynch school of education

A degree in Secondary Education from Boston College is distinct. It combines innovative theoretical approaches with firsthand experience working with real high school students.

Here you’ll learn how to think critically about education, how to teach various disciplines, and how to connect those disciplines to facilitate learning—all while applying your knowledge in local schools and enhancing your experience with elective courses.

You’ll round out your degree with a second major in English, history, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, earth/environmental science, Spanish, Latin, or French—preparing you to teach in these subject areas. To focus your degree further, you can add a concentration in Special Education.

When you graduate, you’ll be prepared to teach children in grades 8–12 in a variety of classrooms covering an array of subjects.

Comprehensive coursework, practical settings

Our Secondary Education program features coursework that covers leading theories and strategies in child development, learning, and instruction.

In the classroom, you’ll focus on:

  • Child, adolescent, and young adult development
  • Theory and instruction in curriculum that educates diverse populations and meets the special needs of all children
  • Methods of teaching a range of subjects to a range of students from various settings
  • Classroom assessment

Outside of the classroom, you and your cohort will spend your first pre-practicum at a nearby Boston public high school, where you will:

  • Learn the latest curriculum and instruction methods from Boston College faculty and veteran high school teachers
  • Participate in inquiry-based practice and receive feedback from onsite supervisors
  • Take part in student, faculty, and guest speaker panels 

In line with accreditation standards and with our program mission, the following are the expected student learning outcomes upon completion of the program.

  • The teacher candidate will promote the learning and growth of all students by providing high-quality and coherent instruction, designing and administering authentic and meaningful student assessments, analyzing student performance and growth data, using this data to improve instruction, providing students with constructive feedback on an on-going basis, and continuously refining learning objectives.
  • The teacher candidate will promote the learning and growth of all students through instructional practices that establish high expectations, create a safe and effective classroom environment, and demonstrate cultural proficiency.
  • The teacher candidate will promote the learning and growth of all students through effective partnerships with families, caregivers, community members, and organizations.
  • The teacher candidate will promote the learning and growth of all students through ethical, culturally proficient, skilled, and collaborative practice.
  • The teacher candidate will promote an inquiry stance of critical reflection about personal practice through individual and collaborative inquiry in service of improving pupil academic, emotional, and social learning.

Graduate fit for licensure

With our comprehensive curriculum, our students receive endorsements for initial licensure before graduation. Students also graduate with Sheltered English Immersion endorsements to apply for their initial licensure and can earn English Language Learner certificates.