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Lynch School of Education


for undergraduates in mcas, management, and nursing

General Education Minor (through Class of 2017)/ Foundation in Education Minor (Class of 2018 & beyond)
Open to all MCAS majors, Management, and Nursing undergraduates

Although this Minor does NOT lead to certification, it provides courses that establish foundational knowledge of child development, learning, special education, and bilingualism. This minor is an excellent choice for someone who is thinking about enrolling in the 5th year program in Elementary or Secondary Education or Applied Psychology and Human Development. Also a good choice for students considering the Peace Corps or other volunteer service opportunities or work in informal settings, such as community-based after-school programs.

  • All students except Lynch School students are eligible to declare this minor.
  • Students must declare this minor by their junior year.
  • The minor consists of five (5) required courses plus an elective (3 credits). These courses are listed below and descriptions can also be found in the Boston College Undergraduate catalog. Students must complete all 6 courses (18 credits) in the Lynch School of Education to fulfill this minor.

Required Courses:

APSY1030 Child Growth and Development (f)
APSY1031 Family, School and Society (s)
APSY2032 Psychology of Learning
EDUC1044 Working with Special Needs Students
Bilingualism in Schools & Communities


One approved APSY elective (Students may seek approval in Campion 104.)

Download a complete list of program requirements for the General Education minor (PDF)

Download a complete list of program requirements for the Foundation in Education minor (PDF)

Interested in applying? Please complete the application and submit to Campion Hall 104 (PDF)

Applied Psychology and Human Development Minor
Open only to Carroll School of Management undergraduates

Students in the Carroll School who have interests in developmental or educational psychology, or in the social service professions, may elect a minor in Applied Psychology & Human Development in the Lynch School.

  • Students are expected to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Students must declare minor by their junior year.

Download a complete list of APHD program requirements and the minor application (PDF).

This minor does not lead to state licensure. Applications should be submitted no later than September of a student's junior year.

Questions? E-mail Maureen Raymond, Associate Director, Campion 104.


Secondary Education Minor
Open only to select MCAS majors

The Secondary Education Minor, offered by the Lynch School of Education, enables students to combine a liberal arts education and scholarship in a major discipline with professional study and practice. The program is founded on the belief that high school teaching is an important profession, requiring a lifelong commitment to service and professional growth. The program aims to prepare teachers to assist their students to develop as human and humane individuals: knowledgeable, skilled and caring. To fulfill this responsibility requires teachers who are perceptive and sensitive people, able to communicate well, dedicated to both the art and the science of teaching and committed to the belief that whatever and whenever the rewards, what excellent teachers do is significant and worthwhile.

Students from the College of Arts and Sciences who major in the following are eligible:

  • Biology (B.S. or B.A.)
  • Chemistry
  • Classical Humanities
  • English
  • French
  • Geology (Earth science)
  • History
  • Latin
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Spanish

This program usually begins in the sophomore year. Only those students majoring in the disciplines listed above may apply for the minor. This minor leads to state certification in each area listed. Certification requires successful completion of the Massachusetts Teacher Test. Information regarding the teacher test is available at and at

Requirements for the Secondary Education Minor include 32 courses from the College of Arts and Sciences, six courses drawn from the areas of psychology and philosophy, strategies for teaching, and a semester of student teaching. Several courses include field-based components in which the student observes and participates in the classroom and prepares to exercise the abilities he or she will need as a senior in student teaching. Taken together, the professional courses and field experiences help develop skills in communication, instruction, and evaluation. They also provide a forum for examining and strengthening one's sense of equity, as well as one's sensitivity and responsiveness to students in need.

For more information download a complete list of program requirements (PDF) or visit the Office for Undergraduate Students, Campion 104.

Interested students should apply before the end of sophomore year.


Inclusive Education Minor
for Students in the Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences and Caroll School of Management

The Department of Teacher Education, Special Education, & Curriculum and Instruction (LSOE) offers the Inclusive Education minor for students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences and Caroll School of Management.  The minor is designed to (a) introduce students to the world of disabilities and special education, with an emphasis on special education practice, and (b) enhance the ability of future professionals to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population of students in America’s schools.  Many students are interested in complementing their major field of study with study of disabilities, education, and human diversity.  Further, a portion of BC graduates become involved in education fields through such endeavors as enrollment in Masters degree programs in education and teaching via programs such as Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Peace Corps, Teach for America, and private school teaching.  The proposed minor is compatible with efforts of A&S, CSOM, and Lynch School of Education’s joint Teachers for a New Era initiative.  The six-course minor is consistent with the number of courses/credits required for minors in the College of Arts & Sciences and Caroll School of Management, and includes two courses that students may take as part of BC core requirements (APSY1030, APSY1031). 

The advantages of the Inclusive Education Minor include:

  • Opportunity to explore scholarly interests and career options related to individuals with special needs (e.g., classroom or special education teacher, speech/language pathology, school counseling, teacher of the deaf)
  • Exploration of specific classroom management techniques that promote a positive climate for learning, and encourage student collaboration and acceptance of individual differences
  • Greater competence in dealing with significant learning problems including reading and math disabilities, social/emotional problems and those related to sensory and physical factors
  • Increased flexibility of employment

Download Inclusive Education Minor program application and requirements for 2016-2017 (PDF format).

Interested students may submit an application to Campion Hall 104.

This page links to PDF files. Use this link to download Adobe Reader if needed.