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Lynch School of Education

Steps to Completing a Pre-Practicum Abroad

lynch school of education

NOTE: Students may complete a pre-practicum ANYWHERE in the world, even if the university does not have a School of Education, or if student is on an external program!

  1. Research different study abroad programs through the Office of International Programs (OIP) located in the Hovey House. Students should attend all necessary meetings and information sessions through OIP.

  2. Attend international student teaching events. Students should respond to advertisements regarding dinners and information sessions throughout the year.

  3. Students are required to meet with Maureen Raymond to discuss how study abroad plans will fit into their academic program. Students will also discuss their interest in participating in a pre-practicum experience abroad.

  4. Meet with the Practicum International Coordinator in Campion 103 to discuss the details of the international pre-practicum program. Make an appointment by sending an email to

  5. Students should complete and submit their pre-practicum application to the Office of Practicum Experiences. A complete application includes:

    *a completed international pre-practicum application form (available online at

    *a check for $200, made payable to
    Boston College (this program payment fee is non-refundable, but will not be cashed until students are officially accepted into their program

    *a letter of recommendation from a former pre-practicum supervisor or cooperating teacher

  6. Attend the Departure Breakfast for International Pre-Practicum students the semester before students leave for abroad. Students will receive their instructions in this session and will have all of their questions answered.

  7. If the Lynch School does not already have a partnership school, students may contact potential pre-practicum settings and prospective university supervisors aboard. Students should do this via email, letters, and/or phone call, the semester before they plan to leave.

  8. Students should complete requirements at their international school site and follow up with the practicum office international coordinator.  Follow the International BC syllabus developed by the Office of Practicum Experiences.