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Lynch School of Education

Study Abroad for Lynch School Students

office for undergraduate student services and the office of practicum experienes and teacher induction

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” –St. Augustine

What should I consider when researching study abroad program options?

  • Why do you want to go abroad? Where do you want to go and why?
  • What graduation requirements do you need to fulfill? Will you need to take major-subject courses or do you have flexibility to take electives?
  • Are you already taking a language? What level of proficiency would you need? If not, which programs offer courses taught in English?
  • Would you like to live with a host family? Other exchange students? Americans?
  • What is included in program cost? How is the $USD in the host country? Are you eligible for any scholarship?

How do I arrange to study abroad?

1. Lynch School students must have a 3.0 grade point average for eligibility.

2. Visit the Office of International Programs website to view the various OIP Partnerships and approved external programs and deadlines as well as approved BC programs, external programs and information on summer study abroad. <>

3. Schedule an appointment online to meet with an Advising Assistant at Hovey House (258 Hammond Street, across from McElroy). These assistants will advise you about study abroad policies and procedures, how to research programs, and your next step in the process.

4. Schedule an appointment with Maureen Raymond in Campion 104 to review your academic plan and to obtain preliminary approval to apply to study abroad. Students should be ready to declare their majors/minors at that time.

5. For those majoring in Romance Languages & Literatures (French, Spanish, and Italian,) schedule a meeting with Professor James Flagg in MCAS.

6. Follow the instructions online to schedule an appointment online to meet with your International Study Advisor (ISA) who is a staff member with special expertise in a given region. The ISA will help you with the application process and will be a point of contact in preparation for and during your time abroad.

7. Students are encouraged to save their Fine Arts core in addition to general elective courses that can be taken abroad. Courses must be approved before going abroad.

8. Students may participate in a service learning opportunity while abroad.

Should I plan to student teach abroad?

  • Lynch School encourages teacher education students to participate in an international  pre-practicum.
  • Students who teach abroad take advantage of an excellent learning opportunity to explore a different country and culture.
  • Although students may not complete methods courses abroad, they gain a valuable addition to their résumés, have a topic for discussion during interviews, and earn a genuine bonus to the education program that school principles recognize and value in the job search.
  • E-mail the International Practicum Coordinator in Campion 103 to schedule a meeting.