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Lynch School of Education

Declare A Major


Procedure for Declaring / Adding / Changing a Major or Minor

All Lynch School undergraduate students must ‘officially’ declare their majors via completing two forms and submitting them to the Office for Undergraduate Student Services, Campion Hall 104.  Majors indicated upon admission to Boston College are not considered ‘official.’

To declare an Education major or  minor:

To delcare a major or minor, please submit the following form(s) to the Office for Undergraduate Student Services in Campion 104.

  1. Adjust Major/Program of Study form (PDF) - Students will indicate their Lynch School Major, interdisciplinary major or A&S major, in addition to any minors.
  2. Application for Admission to Teacher Education Programs form (PDF) - required by students pursuing a teacher education major or minor . A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required to officially declare a teacher education major.


Declaring A&S majors or minors: 

Students who plan to declare any A&S major or minor, should list the major on the Lynch School declaration form.

Declaration forms will be reviewed and processed by the Lynch School Office for Undergraduate Students.  Students may check his/her records on UVIEW after submitting the forms to confirm that their declarations have been processed.  If the forms are incomplete or if the student does not meet the required grade point average (3.0) to ‘officially’ declare, the student will be notified via email.  The student should reapply at the end of the next academic semester.  If the student is uncertain whether he/she has “officially” declared their majors or minors, check with a staff member in Campion 104.

Students may declare a major/minor at any time, however, declaration forms that are received too close to the pre-registration period may not be processed in time for a student to register for courses under the new major.   

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