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Lynch School of Education

Teacher Certification & Licensing

practicum experiences & teacher induction


Licensure is granted by the state, not by the University. In addition to satisfactory completion of the Lynch School of Education's teacher education program, students must apply directly to the state for licensure and pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure. The Director of Practicum Experiences, who also serves as the Lynch School of Education's Certification Officer, guides students through this process.

At Boston College, teacher education is a rigorous pursuit and program requirements exceed the miniumum requirements for licensure set by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Students must successfully complete all of the Boston College program requirements in order to earn endorsement and a recommendation for licensure with the state.

Massachusetts Licensure

To be eligible for Initial licensure in Massachusetts, students must:

  • complete an APPROVED PROGRAM (coursework and field experiences),
  • earn the Boston College endorsement and recommendation for licensure, and
  • pass the license specific Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure.

Effective January 2014, all students enrolled in teacher education licensure programs will earn the ESE endorsement for Sheltered English Immersion, (SEI).

What is the SEI Endorsement?
The SEI (Sheltered English Immersion) Endorsement is not a license. It is an acknowledgement that the teacher who earns it has successfully demonstrated the knowledge and teaching skills to teach English language learners in SEI classrooms. Every licensed in-service core academic teacher in public schools in Massachusetts (including charter schools and education collaboratives) with one or more ELLs in his or her classroom must participate in an ESE state-approved RETELL teacher course to earn the SEI Teacher Endorsement by July 2016.

Graduate students, with no prior teaching licenses, enter the Lynch School of Education's teacher education program seeking initial licensure. Graduate students who are already licensed may seek an additional license at the initial level in a new field such as Special Education or Reading. Such students are required to complete a clinical experience in the new field. A pre-practicum may also be required. Upon successful completion of all courses and practicum requirements, graduate students earn endorsement for initial licensure in the appropriate field.


Out-of-State Licensure

Upon successful completion of the Lynch School of Education's teacher preparation program, students earn endorsement and recommendation for licensure in Massachusetts. Boston College shares reciprocity with most states across the country. Students are advised to consult directly with the Certification Officer for information about licensure requirements in other states. Students may be required to take specific state exams/assessments and/or the Praxis.