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Lynch School of Education

Professional Licensure

teacher education/special education, curriculum & instruction

Program Focus

Teacher Education, Special Education, and Curriculum & Instruction offers several state approved programs that lead to Professional Licensure in Massachusetts. Designed for teachers who already possess Initial Licensure, these programs combine graduate Arts and Science and Education courses to create a well-rounded and rigorous program that not only enhances teacher pedagogy, content, and pedagogical content knowledge but also hones critical inquiry skills that lead to pupil achievement. As a result, graduates receive a Master’s Degree and are endorsed by the Office of Practicum Experiences to apply for Professional Licensure through the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Prerequisites and Conditions

  • Candidates MUST ALREADY POSSESS Initial Licensure in the area in which they are seeking Professional Licensure.
  • Candidates may complete coursework leading to Professional Licensure, but CANNOT apply for Professional Licensure until they have taught at least 3 years in a Massachusetts public school in their licensure area.
  • Candidates must satisfy all requirements of eligibility for graduate study.

Programs Leading to Professional Licensure Include:

  • M.A.T. Leading to Professional Licensure in Reading (All Levels)
  • M.A.T./M.S.T. Leading to Professional Licensure in Elementary Education (G1-6)
  • M.A.T./M.S.T Leading to Professional Licensure in Secondary Education:
    • Biology (8-12)
    • English (8-12)
    • Geology/Geoscience (8-12)
    • History (8-12)
    • Mathematics (8-12)

Programs of Study

For more information about eligibility, visit the Teacher Education/Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction Department page. For additional information regarding Professional Licensure, contact Dr. Audrey Friedman at or the Office of Graduate Admission, Financial Aid, and Student Services at or 617-552-4214.