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Lynch School of Education

Special Education

master of education (m.ed.)

M.Ed., Teacher of Students with Moderate Special Needs, Grades Pre-K-9 and Grades 5-12

This program prepares teachers to work with students with mild to moderate disabilities such as: specific learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, and mild developmental disabilities.

The goal of the program is to prepare teachers to work in a variety of roles including: lead teacher, special education teachers, learning specialist, and to collaborate with regular educators, other services providers and parents.

Applicants who have completed a regular education preparation program can enter directly into the program.

Applicants with no previous regular education preparation program must apply for both regular and special education programs. Financial aid may be available in the form of paid internship experiences in local school systems and in some private schools.

The program leads to eligibility for the Massachusetts teaching license in Mild/Moderate disabilities.

For more information about eligibility and licensure, visit the Teacher Education/Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction Department page.

Program of Study

Faculty in Moderate Special Needs: Richard Jackson, Alec Peck, David Scanlon, Kristen Bottema-Beutel

M.Ed., Teacher of Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities

The Boston College Program in Severe and Multiple Disabilities prepares teachers to work with students who have moderate to severe intellectual disability, autism, and additional disabilities (such as visual impairment, deafness, cerebral palsy, and medical conditions). The program leads to eligibility for the Massachusetts teaching license in Severe Disabilities. An additional specialization in deafblindness is available. No prior teaching license is required for admission. The Program of Study is available leading to initial licensure and for those already licensed. The Severe Program is founded on close linkages between current research and best practices in teaching. Students may be enrolled on a full or part-time basis.

Faculty in Severe and Multiple Disabilities:  Susan Bruce and Kristen Bottema-Beutel

Additional Specialization in Deafblindness

Boston College is the oldest and most established teacher preparation program in deafblindness in the United States. In addition to completing the requirements for the Severe Program (which includes content on deafblindness), students will either have the following competencies and/or take the following coursework:

  • Sign Language (basic competency or Sign I)
  • Braille (basic competency or Braille I)
  • Deafblind Seminar
  • Language Acquisition Module

Funding Your Studies

Teacher Preparation Grant funds may be available to support your study. Majors in Severe Disabilities are prioritized for paraprofessional positions at the Boston College Campus School. These positions provide salary benefits and 6 credits of tuition-free coursework each fall and spring semester. Research opportunities and funding may be available. Contact Dr. Susan Bruce.