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Lynch School of Education


Curriculum & Instruction Doctoral Program Faculty Mentors by Specialization Area

Program Director: Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Chair: Susan Bruce

Language, Literacy, and Culture

Maria Estela Brisk

Audrey Friedman

Mariela Páez

Lisa (Leigh) Patel

C. Patrick Proctor

Critical Perspectives on Schooling: Race, Class, Gender, and Disabilities

Kristen Bottema-Beutel

Susan Bruce

Mariela Páez

Lisa (Leigh) Patel

David Scanlon

Science, Mathematics, and Technology

Lillie Albert

G. Michael Barnett

Katherine L. McNeill

James Slotta (Fall 2016)

Leadership, Policy, and Educational Change

Vincent Cho*

Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Andy Hargreaves

Richard Jackson

Lauri Johnson*

Rebecca Lowenhaupt*

Patrick McQuillan

Joseph O'Keefe, S.J.*

Diana Pullin*

Martin Scanlan*

Dennis Shirley


*Faculty in the Educational Leadership & Higher Education Department who also teach and mentor Curriculum & Instruction students in Leadership, Policy, and Educational Change.