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Lynch School of Education

A Message from the Director

curriculum & instruction doctoral program

Dr. Marilyn Cochran-Smith
Dr. Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Director

Students and faculty in our Curriculum and Instruction doctoral program at BC are committed to education for social justice—or, education that improves the learning and enhances the life chances of all students in K-12 schools and other educational settings. This commitment is reflected in our courses, in the independent studies that students pursue, and in the research and development projects that students and faculty work on together. In my experience directing the program for many years, I have found that potential students are attracted to our program because of this commitment as well as the strong sense of community and the culture of inquiry that permeate our work. There is a great respect here for the knowledge generated by teachers and other practitioners. Our program builds on that knowledge at the same time that we explore new directions for addressing today’s issues in curriculum, teaching, and school change.