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Lynch School of Education

Enrichment & Mentoring Experiences

curriculum & instruction doctoral program


Enrichment Experiences

All students in the Curriculum & Instruction Doctoral Program are expected to have a series of professional experiences during their time in the program in addition to their courses, comprehensive exam, and dissertation research.

You are expected to have the following the types of experiences:

  • Mentored Teaching Experience (e.g., co-teach a course, serve as a teaching assistant, or lead/assist with a professional development within a school)
  • Mentored Research Experience (e.g., work on a research initiative with a faculty member, complete research on a grant, or continue research initiated during a course)
  • Ongoing Research Experience (e.g., submit paper for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, submit conference proposal, present research at a local/regional/national conference, or complete a literature review)

Students annually meet with three faculty members to review this work. It is a forum for students to seek advice from faculty members and to propose activities for the upcoming year. To learn more about doctoral students' experiences in the Curriculum & Instruction program, click here.

Mentoring Experiences

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who will assist in the development of a Program of Studies. You should plan to meet with your advisor at least twice during your first year to review program requirements and to discuss how career objectives and your particular interests might be developed within the resources of the faculty and course offerings.

Another highlight of the experience is a mentoring program that is designed to support incoming doctoral candidates transition into the program. First and second year doctoral students serve as mentors to incoming candidates. Each incoming student is assigned a mentor and provided with access to an informal support system throughout the academic year.