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Lynch School of Education

Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction

lynch school of education

Dr. Cochran-Smith with Students

The Lynch School doctoral program in Curriculum & Instruction is designed to develop professionals who have the knowledge, intellectual disposition, professional skills, ethical sensibilities, and leadership potential to make a difference in the lives of all schoolchildren. Faculty research and development reflect the Lynch School mission of serving others and promoting social justice.

In particular, Curriculum & Instruction faculty members are involved in a rich variety of research and professional development projects, which are often carried out in collaboration with school-based teachers and administrators.

These projects link research, practice, and policy in teaching and teacher education by exploring how new and experienced teachers learn, how to meet the special needs of students with disabilities, and how to improve the school and life chances of students from urban, low income, or non-mainstream cultures.

In this sense, the research and development activities of the Curriculum & Instruction faculty help to challenge the inequities of the social order and contribute to the establishment of a more just society.