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Lynch School of Education

Graduate Programs

teacher education, special education, curriculum and instruction

The TESpECI department offers the following degree programs:

*Middle School licensure is available to Elementary and Secondary education students by application to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Seconday Education (ESE) via an "alternative route." Students seeking this level of licensure should consult the Office of Professional Practicum Experiences, Campion 103, 617-552-4206.

**The M.Ed. program in Special Education Teaching includes the following areas of concentration: Moderate Special Needs, Grades Pre-K-8 and Grades 5-12; Severe and Multiple Disabilities (including optional specializations in deafblind and autism), all levels.

Master of Arts in Teaching and Master of Science in Teaching Degrees (M.A.T./M.S.T.)

The M.A.T./M.S.T. degree programs for initial licensure are designed for students who have graduated with a major in liberal arts or sciences and who wish to prepare for teaching in the secondary school, for experienced teachers in secondary schools, and for recent college graduates already prepared to teach at the secondary level who want to earn an additional area of expertise and/or licensure.

These degrees are coordinated with the appropriate Arts & Sciences department, and require more coursework in Arts & Sciences than the M.Ed. degree in Secondary Teaching.

Students may prepare in the following disciplines:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geology (Earth Science)
  • Physics
  • English
  • Latin and Classical Humanities
  • History
  • Mathematics

Pathways to Professional Licensure

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (ESE) requires all teachers to advance an Initial Level License to the Professional Level after 3 years of teaching in a public school. Teachers may postpone this process, as the Initial License is valid for 5 years of teaching. Initial Licensed teachers have two options at the Lynch School of Education to achieve this objective:

1. Complete the M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction with "12 credits of graduate level courses in the academic discipline appropriate to the instructional field of the Professional license sought." (ESE definition). Students are advised to consult with an academic adviser as well as the Certification Officer to ensure the coursework meets ESE definition.

2. Licensed teachers who achieved Initial Licensure through a graduate program do not wish to complete a second master's program, may complete the 12-Credit Option for Professional Licensure. This is a non-degree pathway and candidates apply for licensure through alternate pathway direct to the state. Students are advised to consult with an academic adviser as well as the Certification Officer for guidance on the ESE applying for the licensure through the alternative pathway.