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Lynch School of Education


lynch school of education

Master's programs
There are several options for candidates who want to pursue a master’s degree.  The choice is related to the area of interest and eligibility to the program.  Eligibility depends on previous experience or teaching license.

Initial License
Recommended for candidates who do not have a license.

Early Childhood Teaching
Elementary Education
Secondary Education
Special Education

General License Required
Recommended for candidates interested in moderate special education or reading/literacy. Candidates for reading/literacy teaching need one year of teaching experience.

Reading/Literacy Education *one year of teaching experience required
Moderate Special Needs Education

Professional License *three years of teaching experience in Massachusetts required.

Recommended for those with teaching experience in Massachusetts
Professional Licensure


Recommended for candidates who do not need a license such as international students or U.S. students who are not pursuing a license.  U.S. candidates with a license who want to pursue studies in the same area of their licensure should enroll in this program.  This program is flexible and allows concentration in one or more areas and does not require a practicum. 

Curriculum & Instruction (non-licensure program)
Religious Education

Law and Education

Law and Education (dual program)

The Law and Education Program was designed to prepare future legal practitioners and leaders to face the reality of this enduring relationship between the legal and education systems. It combines the study and practice of education and law in an effort to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to better serve one's clients and constituencies. This is a 3-year program that requires acceptance in both the Law School and the Lynch School of Education.

Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) Certificate

Masters candidates can include the Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) Certificate in their program of studies. This program prepares mainstream educators to be “highly qualified” to teach English language learners in their classrooms. Those interested in this program should let their advisor know when planning the program of studies.