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Lynch School of Education

Undergraduate Opportunities

educational research, measurement, and evaluation

Fifth Year Program
The Fifth Year Program in the Lynch School of Education offers qualified Boston College students a unique opportunity to begin graduate study during their undergraduate years.  

Students have an opportunity to plan undergraduate studies in a way that allows them to begin graduate work in their senior year. This may make it possible for students to graduate with a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in five years. BC Juniors interested in the 5th Year Program should schedule a meeting with Dr. Larry Ludlow, ERME Department Chair ( and Jillian Gomolka, ERME Administrative Assistant (

Undergraduate Courses
ERME offers two undergraduate courses, ideal for students who are interested in educational research and perhaps a graduate degree in our program.

The following courses are available at the undergraduate level:

  • ERME 1060     Classroom Assessment
  • APSY 2216     Research Methods

LSOE students may find these courses particularly useful when taking Undergraduate Inquiry Seminars that introduce classroom‐based inquiry skills and using classrooms as research sites by posing critical questions about pupil learning.