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Lynch School of Education

Course Registration

educational research, measurement, and evaluation

Selecting Courses

Your course schedule will depend on 1) your program of study, 2) how many you want to take a semester (ERME students often take between 1 and 4 courses depending on their part-time or full-time status), and 3) when these courses are offered.  

ERME MEd students receive their academic advisor assignments at ERME Orientation in September.  These advisors help students choose courses and plan their program of study.  However, because students often register for courses before ERME Orientation, Dr. Larry Ludlow and Tracy McMahon can also offer assistance in choosing courses. 

Most students begin with a combination of the following courses:

ED/PY 460 (Fall)
ED/PY 462 (Fall)
ED      466 (Fall)
ED/PY 468 (Fall)

ED      467 (Spring)
ED/PY 469 (Spring)
ED/PY 565 (Spring)
ED/PY 851 (Fall or Spring)

Course Registration

How do I register for classes?
Students can register for classes online via the Agora Portal, using their BC Username and password.  Students can also register by phone at 617.552.8800 (seven days a week during registration period). If you are trying to gain access to a course that requires permission or is closed or restricted, you should contact the Department Office in which the course is offered.

Contact the Graduate Admissions office at 617-552-4214 for any other registration questions.

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