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Lynch School of Education


educational research, measurement, and evaluation

ERME's outstanding faculty and rich intellectual resources provide students with the ideal setting for learning and professional growth. A survey of similar doctoral programs in North America, presented in a paper at the annual meeting of the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME), April 2001, placed the Lynch School program in the top 10 overall. (Survey - PDF)

Current ERME Faculty Research Projects

Each faculty member has their own webpage with research interests, selected publications, current CV, and more.  Click the links below to visit these sites.

Dr. Henry Braun

  • Evaluation of the "Essential for Some, Good for All" initiative in the Province of Ontario.
  • Linking performance on the NAEP mathematics assessment to instructional practices.
  • Comparison of the impact of signature programs at BC on student outcomes.
  • Investigating the sensitivity of value-added analysis to choices of scales and models

Dr. Nathaniel J.S. Brown

  • Quantitative methods, including measurement, psychometrics, statistics, and research design
  • Qualitative methods, including video analysis, interaction analysis, and cognitive ethnography
  • Embedded classroom assessment for learning and large-scale standardized assessment of learning
  • Conceptual change and embodied cognition in the learning sciences and science education

Dr. Zhushan Mandy Li

  • Ongoing research projects study measurement models and estimation methods with the application to survey data, educational measurement data, and quality of life research data.

 Dr. Larry Ludlow

  • Lag-3 and Lag-6 autocorrelations in course evaluations
  • Suppressor variable effects
  • Teacher preparation system mapping through multidimensional scaling and cluster analysis
  • Measuring Engagement through Rasch-based scenarios


Dr. Ina Mullis

  • TIMSS--International assessments of mathematics and science at 4th and 8th grades
  • TIMSS Advanced--International assessments of advanced mathematics and physics at 12th grade
  • PIRLS--International assessment of reading at 4th grade
  • prePIRLS--International reading assessment at the primary level for economically developing countries

Dr. Laura O'Dwyer

  • Looking at the effects of technology-enhanced curriculum materials on student learning in science
  • Using TIMSS data to examine the teacher and school correlates of student performance in mathematics
  • Linking performance on the TIMSS mathematics assessment to teachers' instructional practices.

Dr. Michael Russell

  • Innovative uses of computer-based technologies and applications of Universal Design to enhance
    educational testing and assessment
  • Large-scale assessment and test  design
  • Computer-based testing
  • Accessible Portable Item Protocol (APIP) Standards and assessment interoperability standards

Dr. Lauren Saenz

  • Ongoing research in democratic theories of education, policy, and evalutation, evaluation research as a public good, race-conscious education policies, and mixed methods educational research.


Faculty Highlights 2015

Retired Faculty

Dr. Joseph Pedulla, retired 2013

Dr. Walt Haney, retired 2011



Dr. Albert Beaton, Augustus C. Long Distinguished Professor Chair

Dr. George Madaus, Boisi Professor of Education and Public Policy Chair

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