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Lynch School of Education


educational research, measurement and evaluation


Lauren Chapman
An International Policy Analysis of School-Level Decision Making and Student Achievement

Emilie N. Mitescu Reagan
Examining the Relationships among Undergraduate Teacher Candidate Experiences, Perceptions, and Beliefs about Teaching for Social Justice


Rachel Kay

The Relationship Between Computer Use and Standardized Test Scores: Does Gender Play a Role?

Lisa O’Leary Shuler
Paths to Active Citizenship: The Development of and Connection between Civic Engagement Involvement and Attitudes in College Students

Corinna Preuschoff
Using TIMSS and PIRLS to Construct Global Indicators of Effective Environments for Learning

Yves Salomon-Fernandez
Novice Teachers’ Mathematics Practices: Do School Demographics and Teaching Pathway Matter?

Kara Smith
Online Teacher Professional Development: The Importance of Training to Deliver PD Online


Ebru Erberber
Analyzing Turkey’s Data from TIMSS 2007 to Investigate Regional Disparities in Eighth Grade Science Achievement

Yi Shang
Measuring Student Growth with the Conditional Growth Chart Method

Kathleen L. Trong
Using PIRLS 2006 to Measure Equity in Reading Achievement Internationally

Yun Xiang
Ethnic Differences in Achievement Growth: Longitudinal Data Analysis of Math Achievement in a Hierarchical Linear Model Framework


Wei Tao
Using the Score-based Method to Accommodate Local Item Dependence in Health Surveys

Kevon Tucker-Seeley
The Effects of Using Likert vs. Visual Analogue Scale Response Options on the Outcome of a Web-based Survey of 4th through 12th Grade Students: Data from a Randomized Experiment


Alka Arora
Creating a TIMSS 2003 Problem-Solving Scale and Examining the Problem-Solving Achievement of United States Eighth-Grade Students in TIMSS 2003

James Cheng

Of Seeds and Soils:  The Overall, Relative, and Differential Impact of Student Involvement on Postformal Reasoning Development

Tiffany Cooper
The Effects of Supplemental Educational Services on Student Achievement

Sarah Enterline
Socio-Cultural Diversity in Elementary Classrooms: The Relationship between Structural and Curricular Diversity and Motivation

Lisa Famularo
The Effect of Response Format and Test-Taking Strategies on Item Difficulty: A Comparison of Stem-Equivalent Multiple Choice and Constructed Response Test Items

Carolyn Fidelman
Course Evaluation Surveys: In-class Paper Surveys Versus Voluntary Online Surveys

Helena Miranda
Predictors of Technology Use for Elementary School Teachers in Massachusetts: A Multilevel SEM Approach