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Lynch School of Education

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educational research, measurement, and evaluation

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In addition to the courses listed to the right, various specialty seminars, visiting Scholar presentations, and lunch brown-bag seminars are often offered.

Schedule of Courses
A student’s course schedule will depend on 1) their program of study, 2) how many course they want to take a semester (ERME students often take between 1 and 4 courses depending on their part-time or full-time status), and 3) when these courses are offered. 

Most students begin with a combination of the following courses:
Fall:        ERME 7460, ERME 7462, ERME 7466, ERME 7468
Spring:    ERME 7467, ERME 7469, ERME 7565, APSY 8851

ERME 7460 is the only ERME course offered over the summer.  Many students take this course the summer prior to beginning their first fall semester of study.

Course Descriptions

ERME 7101     Readings and Research in ERME

ERME 7460     Interpretation and Evaluation of Research

ERME 7462     Assessment and Test Construction

ERME 7466     Program Evaluation I

ERME 7467     Program Evaluation II

ERME 7468     Introductory Statistics

ERME 7469     Intermediate Statistics

ERME 7560     Seminar on Issues in Testing and Assessment

ERME 7561     Seminar in Evaluation and Public Policy

ERME 7565     Large-Scale Assessment: Methods and Practice

ERME 7601     Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

ERME 8668     Multivariate Statistical Analysis

ERME 8669     Psychometric Theory I

ERME 8670     Psychometric Theory II

ERME 8724     Technology-Enhanced Assessment

ERME 8861     Multilevel Regression Modeling

ERME 8862     Design of Experiments

ERME 8864     Survey Methods in Educational and Social Research

ERME 8867     General Linear Models

APSY 9851     Qualitative Research Methods

ERME 9941     Dissertation Seminar

ERME 9988     Dissertation Direction