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Lynch School of Education


educational research, measurement, and evaluation

ERME graduates are qualified for a wide range of positions in federal, state, and local government agencies; private research companies; non-profit organizations and foundations; and schools, colleges and universities.


Many of our students look for careers as researchers, data analysts, evaluators, teachers, faculty, statisticians, and psychometricians, among others. Opportunities for job placement include positions as principal investigators on research projects, policy researchers and analysts, program evaluators, measurement specialists, methodological consultants, and college and university professors. 

Many ERME graduates work in schools, higher education, research institutes, consulting agencies, testing companies, government agencies, for-profit organizations, and non-profit organizations. 

Under the impetus of the 2006 “Spellings Commission” report, higher education is gearing up to address the issue of accountability — which almost surely will include testing components.  In PK-12 education, there are ever-increasing demands driven by the explosion of summative testing mandates, as well as by the growth in formative and benchmark testing. These demands include: writing RFPs, monitoring contractors and vendors, carrying out in-house analyses, providing technical support and training to school staff, policy formulation.

As a result of the extraordinary widespread need for researchers, evaluators, statisticians and psychometricians across the nation, many general job announcements are routinely sent to ERME for distribution to current students and alumni — far more than can be filled by people with the high quality training and skills that ERME graduates possess.

Many alumni have agreed to offer their career and job searching advice with current ERME students and other alumni.  If you are interested in a specific organization, you should speak with Dr. Ludlow or Jillian Gomolka to ask if they can put you in touch with ERME alumni

Find out what ERME Alumni are doing now!

ERME-related job opportunities are sent out to students, alumni, faculty and the ERME Network on a bimonthly basis (Here is an example of an "ERME Opportunities" email sent to our email list). If you are interested in receiving these postings, email

Career Workshop Flyer

Alumni Panels

Our Next ERME Alumni Panels will take place in late March/early April of 2017.  

Here is an example of an information booklet provided at the panels.

Where do our alumni work? This link will bring you to a list of 84 companies that look to hire employees with ERME-related skills. Updated 4/28/2016

Career Workshop

Peter Hunt, the Assistant Director of Career Services, and Jillian Gomolka (ERME) hosted students on Wednesday, 2/15/17 as they went over networking, resumes and job search techniques specific to the ERME related field. Students can also make individual appointments with Peter. Visit /offices/careers.html for more details and resources.

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